Guilty Gear Strive Delayed to 2021 Due to COVID-19

guilty gear strive delayed

Originally planned to hit the PS4 later this year, Arc System Works has announced that Guilty Gear Strive has been pushed back into 2021 due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic. The Guilty Gear Strive delayed announcement was accompanied by a letter explaining the move to fans.

Thank you for your interest in Guilty Gear Strive. This is Takeshi Yamanaka, producer of Guilty Gear Strive. We have previously announced the release of Guilty Gear Strive for late 2020, however we have decided to change the release schedule to early 2021.

While our company’s staff and our business partners are putting in a sincere effort in dealing with the changes due to the spread of COVID-19, every aspect of our development schedule has faced delays. In addition, we have decided to set up a schedule to further improve the quality of the game responding to everyone’s help and feedback from the recent closed beta test.

We apologize sincerely to everyone who has been anticipating the release with keen excitement. Ourselves, we are dedicated to bringing you a new Guilty Gear game that will satisfy all of our fans. Please be assured that we will make good use of that extra time to do this. Thank you for your understanding.

Takeshi Yamanaka, Guilty Gear Strive Producer

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