Halo Infinite BTB Matchmaking Issues Persist, 343 Confirms Hotfix Didn’t Take

Halo Infinite BTB Matchmaking Issues

In case you didn’t know, a new Halo Infinite patch dropped today that’s supposed to fix Big Team Battle (BTB) matchmaking issues and other stuff. Unfortunately, it seems the patch didn’t take! According to 343 Industries, the Halo Infinite BTB matchmaking issues are still persisting even after the patch, so if you’re still experiencing it, now you know why.

This was revealed by Halo Community Director Brian Jarrad over on Twitter:

Well, damn… today’s BTB hotfix does not appear to be the outcome we expected. There are minor improvements, but overall matchmaking issues are still occurring. Thanks to the folks who have been working hard and we’re sorry this didn’t quite get the job done. Work continues.

As you can see, 343 is still working on it, and players should get a hotfix or something at some point soon. Once a new patch or server-side update is out for this, we’ll be sure to let our readers know.

While Halo Infinite multiplayer is free to download on the Xbox Store, the single-player campaign is quite a romp as well. Our review gave it a solid 8.5/10 and said, “All in all, Halo Infinite is a worthy entry to this legendary franchise. That is an achievement by itself. But what I really appreciated is the fact that 343 took risks. These risks are things that could have completely soured the experience and turned away even the most diehard fans of the franchise. In the end though, those risks paid off. Infinite is in my opinion, 343’s best Halo title yet, and I couldn’t be more excited to see where it goes from here.”

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