Halo Infinite HCS Major Tourney Using Dev Kits Due to Xbox Series Shortages; Twitch Drops Revealed

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Are you having a hard time buying an Xbox Series X|S still? It seems stocks for Microsoft’s next-gen console is so scarce, that even official tournaments have to factor that into the equation, too! This weekend the Halo HCS Major Raleigh 2021 has kicked off, and players are using dev kits due to the global shortage for the next-gen console.

This announcement was made by Tashi, Halo Esports and Viewership Lead at Microsoft/343 Industries:

The Verge’s Tom Warren has tweetd out a pic of the dev kit in the wild as well:


For those who want to keep tabs on the tourney, here’s the schedule, as well as the Twitch drops that players can earn from checking the tournament on Twitch.

Stream Schedule:

Twitch Drops





Streams to Watch the HCS Major Raleigh 2021:


There’s a new event in Halo Infinite called “Winter Contigency” that’s starting this coming Tuesday.

Source: Reddit, Tom Warren, Tashi!

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