Halo: The Master Chief Collection Campaign Leaderboard Video Walkthrough

In Halo: The Master Chief Collection, 343 Industries is introducing a new way to rub your accomplishments in your friends’ faces, not only in multiplayer battles, but with campaign achievements as well.

Now, your score and speed run times are recorded and broadcasted to all your friends via the new in-game Campaign Leaderboard.

While in The Master Chief Collection’s menus, the top five performers from your friends list will be displayed for every level across all four Halo campaigns. Using built-in features, you can attempt to beat any rival’s score or speed run time while guided by new HUD elements that display your progress against your opponent’s.

In addition, all 400 Achievements in The Master Chief Collection are neatly organized within the game’s menus which also allow you to boot up the appropriate level and settings to attempt any one of those particular Achievements.

343 Industries Senior Game Designer Max Szlagor runs through a bunch of these new features in the video walkthrough above.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection hits Xbox One on November 11.

Any speed runners in the house planning on finishing all Halo campaigns in record time? Sound off in the comments!


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