More Halo: MCC Matchmaking Patches Released, Content Update Inbound This Evening

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Developer 343 Industries is hard at work patching up Halo: The Master Chief Collection after a rocky launch last Tuesday that’s making things difficult for users to find online games through matchmaking.

A few improvements were made yesterday and the day before, but the studio still has some work ahead.

“This morning, we rolled out tweaks that should begin to further improve the Matchmaking experience,” wrote 343 in another update earlier today. On the list of fixes were:

  • Dedicated server stability improvements
  • Laid the groundwork for upcoming Matchmaking content updates, including improvements to the team selection process

In addition, later this evening, the studio is expected to drop a content update for the game that will address non-matchmaking-related bugs, including UI, Party, and Campaign fixes.

A larger “Matchmaking performance-focused content update” is still on course to launch next week with more specifics to come.

Hang tight, Halo fans. Hopefully things will be running smoothly soon enough.