Halo Online Gameplay Leaks, New Video Reveals Maps And Weapons

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Earlier this week, we learned that Russia is getting its own PC-exclusive, free-to-play Halo game developed by Saber Interactive. And while the studio currently has no plans to bring it to Western audiences, that hasn’t stopped North American gamers from showing a high level of interest regardless.

With the help of video game modders Gamecheat13 and Lord Zedd, Halo YouTuber Noble was not only able to get a hold of the Halo Online game files, but also load the files on his computer, allowing him to actually boot up and play the game.

He posted a 17-minute video showing off some of the maps and weapons, revealing a Halo shooter heavily based on Halo 3 with weapon and armor skins akin to Halo 4. Check it out.

If you like what you saw, while it might be a long shot, hopefully 343 Industries announces solid plans for Halo on PC at E3 2015. We can only hope.

Keep your sights on MP1st for more Halo updates.


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