Hand of the Gods Console Beta Now Live

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Have you been looking for a completely new turn-based card collecting experience on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One ? If so, look no further as Hi-Rez Studios has something just for you.

Announced via press release, Hi-Rez is proud to announce Hand of the Gods; their unique turn-based card game is now entering closed beta for both the PS4 and Xbox One. While the game is technically under a closed beta state, all you really need to be able to participate in it is have either a PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold membership.

To celebrate the closed beta release, the Georgia based studio is also offering a promotional bundle to PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold members for free. That will entitle you to the following pieces of content upon redeeming:

  • Unique leader skin
  • Exclusive card back
  • Exclusive player icon
  • Five core packs to give you a jump start on deck building

Those who are just hearing about Hand of the Gods and wondering what it is exactly before you delve deep into it. It can simply be described as a free-to-play turn-based, one-vs-one strategy game set in the same mythological universe as the hit MOBA, Smite. Players build decks of cards that spawn units onto a fully 3D battlefield, rendered with Unreal Engine 4. With the added twist of each pantheon having its own unique leader ability and pantheon specific cards that can be combined with neutral cards to support a variety of play styles.

For a closer look at the game, feel free to view the trailer provided above that gives us a glimpse of what you can expect from the game.

Additionally, speaking with our contact over at Hi-Rez Studios you can expect the console version of Hand of the Gods to be about one patch behind its PC counterpart. As well as those who were lucky enough to be accepted into the closed alpha for the console version of the game won’t have to start anew, due to both progression and unlocks carrying over to the closed beta.

Hand of the Gods is currently in open beta on the PC and closed beta for consoles.