Here’s a List of Destiny 2 Bugs After Update 2.8.0

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Just last week, Bungie rolled out Destiny 2 patch 2.8.0 that introduces Season of the Worthy along with a host of gameplay changes/fixes. As with the case with almost every multiplayer online game, each patch not only brings fixes, bug issues as well. For those curious what kind of Destiny 2 bugs are there post 2.8.0 patch, head on below.

Note that this isn’t the complete list of Destiny 2 bugs found in patch 2.8.0, but these are the biggest ones discovered by the community so far.

Warmind Cells

  • When using the “Tyrant’s Surge” artifact, weapon arc damage such as Divinity suppression field and anarchy pulse damage (both tested) will spawn Warmind cells.
  • Equipping a weapon ornament on seventh seraph weapons, specifically the SMG, will cause Warmind cells to no longer spawn from seventh seraph weapon kills. (credit u/KaihGame)
  • Using both suppression Warmind mods and “Burning Cells” Mod will occasionally cause only one effect to be applied at once when the effects are applied near the same time. I.e.: A suppression pulse happens as soon as the burning affect is applied upon Warmind cell detonation. This is not a huge issue however for low-level content as most enemies will die to the cell rather than the burn afterwards.

Warmind Bunkers

  • Resource frames do not currently gather resources properly (Bungie knows this).
  • Elite/Normal Heavy Frames will occasionally never detonate when their intend target dies during their self-detonation. If the enemy dies and loses the frame aggro, the frame will not explode and continue to live… forever.

Other Bugs

  • Deploying Bubble for Code of the Protector Titan generates no orbs (Bungie knows this).
  • Deploying Bubble for Code of the Protector Titan at a high enough height without ground underneath, thus allowing it to cancel, will grant armor of light with no visual over shield; granting ludicrous damage resistance. (credit u/Lewdsette)
  • Opening Trials Engrams will display a +0 power reward when claimed at St. 14, but give armor/weapons at a power less than the +0 upgrade to armor that was displayed. I.e.: Engram reward Displayed a 1001 power drop, but the player received a 999 power engram.
  • Guardian Games Universal Armor ornaments appear on some armor as unequippable, non-iconed, armor ornaments. They only appear if a player has completed and claimed hidden (but active) Guardian Games triumphs currently in the game.
  • No Triumph score will be granted to those who complete Black Talon Catalyst if they have already completed and claimed the accidental duped triumph for the World Line Zero Catalyst. NOTE: There is not “lost” triumph score. It just so happened that World Line Completed both triumphs before hand but this has been fixed.

Hopefully, Bungie can iron things out ASAP. In the meantime, don’t forget to check the weekly reset of actvities right here.

Source: Reddit