Here’s a Look at the Anthem Icetide Armor Sets

new anthem update

Just yesterday, BioWare rolled out the big Anthem Icetide update that introduced new missions, challenges, and rewards. Chief among the rewards players can earn are the Anthem Icetide armor sets. If you’re curious what these Anthem winter armor sets look like, wonder no more.

Reddit user Grundlage posted the new Anthem Icetide armor sets, and I have to admit, they look spiffy! Check ’em out below. Note that these should be available in the in-game store, and the other sets will most likely be challenge rewads.

For me, the best one seems to be the one for the Colossus. Who wouldn’t want to have big tusks while clearing off mobs of enemies, right?

We’re taking a look at more Icetide stuff and once we find more info, we’ll let people know. If you have an Anthem tip or news-worthy video and whatnot, don’t hesitate to email us.

Those enjoying Icetide, don’t forget, a reliable report has cropped up that a massive overhaul for the game is underway at BioWare. If you’re interested in that, I suggest reading the rest of the details here.

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