Hi-Rez: “Battlegrounds” Term in Paladins: Battlegrounds Unrelated to PUBG

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Just the other day, Hi-Rez Studios revealed Paladins: Battlegrounds, which is the studio’s take on the highly popular battle royale mode popularized by games such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG).

With Hi-Rez using the term “battlegrounds” in its new mode, and focusing on battle royale, some might be seeing the name as too “on the nose,” or something of the sort. Well, apparently, the term doesn’t have anything to do with PUBG at all! At least according to Hi-Rez boss Stew Chisam.

In an interview, Chisam revealed that they sought the all-clear of their lawyers before going with the “Battlegrounds” name (they got it, of course), and the reason they chose the name is it’s an homage to MMOs. Additionally, Chisam believes the term “battlegrounds” is a generic one, which means it can’t be trademarked.

Regardless if Chisam is sincere at Paladins: Battlegrounds‘ name being unrelated to PUBG or not, I doubt the company who owns PUBG, Bluehole, is happy with it. We’ve already seen Bluehole take Epic Games to court due to similarities of Fortnite Battle Royale to PUBG, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it does the same with Paladins.

Thoughts on this? Do you think Chisam is being sincere or Hi-Rez simply just wants to jump in on the bandwagon and using the term “battlegrounds” is an easy way to catch people’s attention?

Source: DualShockers