Hi-Rez Studios Announces Paladins VIP Program, Upcoming Open Beta 58 Patch Detailed

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Things in the realm of Paladins, the free to play shooter by Hi-Rez Studios, are about to get very interesting, following the upcoming OB 58 patch which is expected to hit sometime next week. How exactly is this going to spice things up? Well, the answer is a Paladins VIP program. 

The Paladins VIP program allows everyone to earn “VIP points” by simply playing the game, voting on which e-sports team will win in the Paladins Premier League (PPL) matches, and completing daily quests. Once you’ve accumulated enough of these VIP points, you can trade them in for some exclusive skins such as the “Goddess” Lian skin or even the “Raeve” Maeve skin.

Below you’ll find all the information that you need to learn all about the Paladins VIP program:

VIP Program

With this patch we are introducing the brand new VIP system! Players will earn points to unlock VIP exclusive content by playing games, completing daily quests, and selecting winners for Paladins esports matches. Players wanting to access this content faster can purchase VIP Membership or the VIP pack. Over the course of future patches we’ll be adding more and more content to the VIP store.

In addition to the exclusive content granted to Paladins VIP program members, Hi-Rez Studios is allowing players to trade in their accumulated points for non-exclusive awards, such as skins, with the first one being the Steam Demon skin for Androxus. (Note that, if you do want this skin, you will need to act fast! Hi-Rez Studios will replace the non-exclusive reward with every patch.)

Now, you may be asking yourself how much points can I acquire for doing what I already do in Paladins such as completing games and quests. Don’t worry, as Hi-Rez Studios has outlined everything you need to know, including VIP membership packages which grant you points to immediately buy these rewards:

VIP Points

  • 50 points per win.
  • 25 points per loss.
  • 50 points for every PPL game you correctly guess.
  • 100 points for every weekly quest you complete.

VIP Memberships

  • VIP Pack (14.99 USD) –
    • Conquerer Zhin collection
    • 70 Day VIP Membership (5x 2-week memberships)
    • 25 Radiant Chests
    • 25 VIP Team Boosters
    • 100,000 VIP Points
  • 14 Day Vip Membership (4.99 USD/200 Crystals) –
    • 5 Radiant Chests
    • 20,000 VIP Points
    • 5 VIP Match Boosters
  • VIP Points (70 Crystals) –
    • 10,000 Vip points
    • Only can purchased for those who are VIP members

However, the best news for the new feature, especially for those who don’t really like to splurge on customization items, is that you can still earn points even if you’re not a VIP member.

Speaking of skins, Paladins is set to get even more with the release of OB 58. These will include Brazilian themed skins and weapons, as well Barik receiving a visual overhaul to his default skin. You can check them out below:

  • Barik – Hi-Tek
  • Cassie – Copacabana*
  • Drogoz – Samba Rocket Launcher skin*
  • Jenos – Eclipse
  • Lex – Sarrada*
  • Kinessa – Samba Sniper Rifle skin*
  • Skye – Samba Wristbow skin*
  • Tyra – Samba Auto Rifle skin*

* Indicates the item is available only through the Brazilian Independence Day chest

Outside of the skins and new feature heading to Paladins, you can also expect the following character balancing and QO changes to made available when this patch goes live:


  • The preparatory phase of each match will be in third person
  • In the Competitive Queue player will have an additional 15 seconds to pick a character.
  • Added a new flow for opening Radiant Chests in place of the Enchant Key button when selecting Open Chest.
  • Muting a player will now also mute their VGS.
  • Damage and Healing Indicator Improvements
    • Corner damage VFX will now better correspond to where the player is being hit from.
    • Added incoming damage indicators around the crosshair.
    • Added incoming healing feedback with 2 possible locations:
      • Defaults to the left of the crosshair, can be set to above the player health bar.
    • Incoming heal numbers will now change color to indicate that the healing was reduced by healing reduction.
    • Friendly health bars will appear yellow-green when that player is under the effect of healing reduction.


  •  Bulldozer now costs 200 instead of 300.



  • Celestial Touch
    • Healing reduced from 15% of maximum health to 10% of maximum health.


  • Legendary Cards
    • Eminence
      • Now begins scaling at 0ft.


  • Daggers
    • Time between daggers reduced from 0.1 to 0.05
    • Projectile Size increased by 16%
    • Projectile Speed Increased from 260 to 400
    • Projectile Gravity Increased by 33%


  • Missile Launcher
    • Projectile speed increased from 300 to 400.
    • Cooldown reduced from 10s to 8s


  • Weightless
    • Fixed a description issue that listed the duration of Weightless instead of 3s instead of 2.5s.

Sha Lin:

  • Withdraw
    • No longer goes on cooldown until Sha Lin exits stealth.
  • Legendary Cards
    • Desert Shadow
      • Only grants increased damage to shots fired during stealth.


  • Talon Rifle
    • Damage reduced from 1300 to 1200.
  • Flash Bang
    • Augmented the blind effect to be less jarring.
  • Flare
    • Fixed a bug where flare was revealing enemies to Strix’s team, now only reveals enemies to Strix.
  • Stealth
    • Increased the initial energy cost of stealth by 65%
    • Reduced the Stealth energy charge rate by 20%
    • Increased the Minimum energy level required to enter stealth by 33%


  • Legendary Cards
    • Hunting Party
      • Also reduces the cooldown of Hunter’s Mark by 2s.


  • Dead Zone
    • Fixed a bug where Dead Zone’s description incorrectly indicated that the ability lasted 4 seconds instead of 5.
  • Fae Flight
    • Ultimate charge reduced by 16%.


  • Counter
    • Fixed a bug that caused a longer than intended lockout after countering an attack

As always the patch is expected to arrive on PC first this upcoming Wednesday, with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms getting the patch a week later.

Source: Official Paladins Site

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