Hitman 2 Halloween Escalation Contract Arriving Tomorrow and Will Be Free for All

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IO Interactive has a treat for Hitman 2 players, and that’s with a Hitman 2 Halloween Escalation Contract! Set to arrive tomorrow on October 22, it will be a free content update for all players who downloaded the (free) Hitman 2 Starter Pack.

Halloween comes to HITMAN 2 with a themed Escalation Contract that promises to challenge all of your expectations. This permanent addition to the game will also reward players who are brave enough to complete it with two unique unlocks.

According to IO Interactive, this special in-game event will feature an environment facelift, which includes skeletons, pumpkins, crows, and other Halloween stuff. Those who are brave enough to take the challenge will be rewarded with the Tactical Wetsuit and Bat Shuriken.

Note that if you haven’t done it yet, you can download the Hitman 2 Starter Pack now for free, and be eligible to play this new content when it drops tomorrow.