Hitman 2 New Sniper Assassin Map Brings Players to Siberia and Will Be Out Tomorrow

hitman 2 new sniper assassin map

Those who want a new environment to showcase their killing prowess in Hitman 2, you’ll be able to do just that tomorrow in a Hitman 2 new Sniper Assassin map! Announced via a press release, this new Hitman 2 sniper map will bring players to Sibera, and will be available tomorrow for Expansion Pass owners.

The latest long-range mission transports players to the Perm-14 prison facility located near the frigid Siberian tundra, one of the harshest climates on the planet, as they take on the solo role of Agent 47 or team up as operatives, Stone or Knight, via the franchise-first online cooperative mode.

In this latest map for Sniper Assassin mode, players must eliminate two targets and incite a prison riot to cover their tracks. The two primary targets within the mission are Roman Khabko, a renowned Russian mobster with suspected political ties, and Vitaly Reznikov, warden at the privately-owned prison who has been offered a bribe to facilitate an early release for Khabko. To complete the mission, both targets must be eliminated along with Reznikov’s mercenary guards, known as the Siberian Tigers. Players must take them out before it’s too late as Khabko’s release could set off a chain of events with negative diplomatic implications. 

The new map is packed with opportunities, achievements and hidden secrets to explore, along with unique gameplay moments allowing players to hide bodies and set entire buildings on fire by steering the prison riot around the facility. Completing challenges within the mission will also progress mastery with the ICA Druzhina 34 Arctic sniper rifle, Agent 47’s weapon of choice for this assignment. Reaching the highest mastery level with this rifle will permanently unlock it for use within all sandbox locations in HITMAN 2.

Here’s what players can expect in tomorrow’s roll out:


After downloading Siberia (The Prison) on July 30th, HITMAN 2 Expansion Pass owners will have access to an entirely new location in the ‘Destination’ menu that includes the Siberia Sniper Assassin mission (Crime and Punishment).

The mission brings new challenges that can be completed to add a permanent multiplier to your score. That will push you up the leaderboards and allow you to upgrade your rifle with extended magazines, additional ammo, faster reloads and more. With an upgraded rifle, you’ll earn more points on your way to unlocking the Druzhina 34 ICA Arctic

Included with ‘HITMAN 2 – Siberia’:

– New Location (Siberia, Russia)
– New Sniper Assassin Map: Crime and Punishment
– New Sniper Assassin Challenges
– Rifle Mastery Progression, including the Druzhina 34 ICA Arctic unlock
– Multiplayer: Online co-op
– New Trophies / Achievements to earn

If and when a new title update is rolled out tomorrow, we’ll let our readers know ASAP.

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