Hood Outlaws & Legends Update 1.11 Patch Notes; Out for Changes This October 28

Hood Outlaws & Legends Update 1.11

Sumo Digital has released the Hood Outlaws & Legends update 1.11 patch this October 28, and it includes stability fixes, as well as gameplay-related changes. Dive into the official patch notes below.

Hood Outlaws & Legends Update 1.11 Patch Notes:


  • Fixed minor localization and overlapping issues on all platforms and languages:
  • On PlayStation Network pop-up message
  • On the EULA refusal error message
  • On Robin and Tooke cosmetics – In the tutorial
  • On Graveyard and Storgramand (Mountain) maps


  • [PC] Fixed a crash when pressing alt+tab upon finishing a game
  • [XB1] Fixed a rare crash when leaving and launching a lot of State Heist in a row
  • [All] Fixed a crash that could occur on the respawn screen after dying


  • [All] Fixed Eidaa’s barricade indefinitely remaining if activated when dying
  • [All] Fixed Eidaa’s barricade not being deployed upon activation and ability meter being blocked until respawning when pressing simultaneously the ability input and another input.
  • [All] Fixed Eidaa’s evade animations
  • [All] Fixed Eidaa’s audio line not fading out when selecting her and reopening the character selection menu


  • [All] Fixed bug that would leave a Robin or Marianne indefinitely unable to shoot/fire after running out of stamina while aiming or charging a shot in the gas cloud from Tooke’s gear
  • [All] Fixed bug where players could get the chest stuck below a rope on the Marshland map
  • [All] Fixed bug where players would clip through the portcullis gate instead of dying when it closes on them during a high alert
  • [All] Fixed bug where player wouldn’t get XP for completing objectives if they are on the respawn screen as the match ends.
  • [All] Fixed collision issue that would allow player to walk in the air nearby the Keep on the Marshland map

User Interface

  • [All] Added a timer notification on the Battlepass content for the Season duration
  • [PS4] Fixed the “Failed to create Custom Game” pop-up window that couldn’t be dismissed by pressing X
  • [All] Fixed lack of feedback when trying to invite someone into a full squad
  • [All] Fixed bug preventing from joining a squad because « Squad is full » although only one player has joined the squad
  • [All] Fixed lock-on marker remaining on the AI when in ghost mode in State Heists
  • [PC] Fixed right-click scrlling bug in Weapon and Clothing shops

Xbox – Tier Skips

Tier Skips and battle pass purchases are currently unavailable in the in-game the shop on Xbox. You may lose inputs on your controller when attempting to purchase one of those items from the in-game shop. If so, open and close the Xbox Shell to recover your controls. While we work with Microsoft on fixing the issue, you still can purchase Tier Skips and the battle pass directly from the Xbox Store. We apologize for the inconvenience.

That’s it for this title update.

Source: Focus forums

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