Hotly Anticipated VR Games for 2020

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Virtual reality games are really coming into their own in this new decade, thanks in part to the increasing availability of VR headsets from various developers. VR games immerse the player in a new world, where the only limitation is the imagination of the game creators. 


New titles are flooding onto the market this year, so gamers in 2020 are spoilt for choice. We have action, fantasy, social games and more on this list. There are even some online casinos getting in on the action, and developers have succeeded in creating fully realised virtual casino lobbies for players to explore. You can find out more about real money casinos at, including the sites which offer the VR experience.

So, let’s dive in and take a look at some of the hottest new VR games coming to your headsets this year. 


  • Space Pirate Arena (Oculus Quest)


This is the kind of game that many of us have been waiting for – an arena-scale multiplayer experience to enjoy with your friends. You’ll need a big open space, indoor or outdoor, and of course everyone must have a Quest headset. Imagine a game of laser tag, but with an infinitely more exciting setting. 


  • Half Life: Alyx (PCVR)


The team behind this stunningly rendered new game have really pushed the boundaries of what is possible with VR. The visuals are incredible, but the game also has real substance. The storyline is complex and engrossing, promising many hours of engaging gameplay. 


  • Facebook Horizon (Oculus Rift/Quest)


2020 is the year that Facebook take their social network to the next level. They have made an enormous virtual world, where you can interact with your friends, play games or get creative. This is the first big social VR game to hit the market, so it will be interesting to see if it takes off. 


  • Vertigo 2 (PCVR)


This new and improved sequel to the 2016 original has surpassed expectations, serving up an engaging, humorous and polished single-player game. Set in a huge research facility, you are provided with an assortment of unusual weapons to battle with the aliens that teleport in and out of frame. With echoes of Half Life and Portal, this is surely one not to miss this year.


  • Medal of Honor (Oculus Rift)


The Medal of Honor franchise is no less than iconic, so the announcement of a VR incarnation was greeted with plenty of anticipation. The game is set during WWII, with a deep storyline that takes the player through scenarios on sea, air, and land to thwart the enemy. 


  • The Wizards: Dark Times (PCVR)


For the fantasy lovers amongst us, this new title is a stand-alone addition to the existing Wizards VR game. Taking on board the criticisms of the first incarnation, the developers have refined the gameplay and streamlined the levels. A magical virtual environment and gesture-based spellcasting make this game a real treat for fans of the genre. 


  • Low-Fi (PCVR)


Borrowing its aesthetic from the future dystopian Blade Runner movies, Low-Fi is set in an overpopulated and dark mega-city, complete with flying cars and neon signs. It’s a massive open world game, where the player takes on the role of a rookie police officer and decides what criminal activity to pursue and what to permit. Anyone who enjoyed Technolust should give Low-Fi a try. 


  • Iron Man (PlayStation VR)


We may not be seeing any more of Tony Stark at the movies, but with this new game you can do one better and become him. When you take control of the Iron Man suit, it’s a close as it gets to really flying. 


  • Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners (PlayStation VR/PCVR/Oculus Quest)


This VR game version of the popular TV show is set in a zombie-ridden New Orleans. The Walkers may look like the most threatening inhabitants of the city, but it’s the other groups of human survivors that you really need to look out for. Choose to join them, or go it alone.