Housemarque Next Game Is a Brand-New IP, Studio “Concepting It Out”

housemarque next game

Following Returnal‘s big win at the recent DICE Awards, the studio behind it has confirmed that Housemarque next game is a brand-new IP, with the developer in the phase of “concepting it out.” The studio also shared its thoughts on making a multiplayer title amongst other things, with Housemarque giving us a clue of what could possibly be next after the success of Returnal.

For context, Returnal won Outstanding Achievements in Original Music composition and audio design at the recent DICE Awards, and in an interview with VentureBeat, Ilari Kuittinen, Managing Director at Housemarque, had this to say when asked on if they have plans on making a live-service title in the future following Sony’s acquisition of Bungie:

Well, the jury is still out there. We’re one of the very last dinosaurs making arcade games. Nex Machina, a few years ago, was very much a shoot-’em-up game in the style of the coin-ops from the ‘80s. That’s sort of a clue. But it’s interesting. We’ve been thinking about that. We had our stint working on multiplayer games, because a few years back it seemed like you needed to have some kind of multiplayer experience. We tried that, and we really didn’t do it as well. But it’s early days with us starting a new game, a new IP, concepting it out. We’ll see what comes with that.

There you have it. Housemarque was intentionally vague on what this new IP could be all about, but given that Returnal was critically acclaimed when it released, we can only hope to expect some great things for the studio’s next game in the future.

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Source: VentureBeat

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