How Do British Twitch Streamers Make Money?

While some people enjoy playing video games, others have morphed into watching Twitch. This online service for watching and streaming digital video broadcasts is popular since it has attracted millions of viewers today. Twitch was founded in 2011 and was acquired by Amazon in 2014 and apart from the video games; it has extended to music, TV series, talk shows, and many others. 

Twitch is a live streaming platform that allows gamers to broadcast videos and comment on these games themselves. The Twitch Streamers have a large audience and they can make money on this activity by sharing live videos on the platform. How do Twitch Streamers earn money and how much money do they make? Here, we’re going to reveal the income earned from streaming.

The Twitch streamers have five different ways to make money such as on Subscriptions, Advertisements, Sponsorships, Donations, and Tournaments.


Subscription represents the main part of their income because paid subscriptions from the live streaming service are set at $4.99 per month. In fact, on Twitch, the viewers can get notifications when Twitch Streamers stream and these notices are free. 

Nevertheless, they can subscribe and their subscriptions are the main sources of living of the Twitch Streamers. Therefore, if you are a top streamer, you’ll get a huge amount of money. For example, the biggest name like Ninja can make around $500,000 per month for just subscriptions.


Donations are the oldest form of supports in which the viewers offer money to the Streamers. Bits is the currency used in Twitch and you can exchange 100 bits for $1 but buy 100 bits for $1.40. Each bit gives a penny to the Streamers because the viewers donate bits via cheering or other options during the chat. 

However, the video game enthusiasts flock to Twitch can give direct donations to the Streamers. According to Wang, he estimates to get around £2,500 monthly in donations.

Gambling Advertisements

Like every marketing destination, advertisements are important in streaming. As millions of Twitch viewers watch their preferred streamers’ live broadcasts every day, the gambling companies take advantage to promote their available Gamstop-free poker sites for self-excluded players. A stream always starts with one or two ads. 

Actually, advertisements in Twitch work like YouTube in which the streamers are paid on Cost per thousand or CPM and thanks to their views, They earn more than the YouTubers. Only the Twitch Partners can have access to the Streamer’s income but according to Wang, he gains about $10,000 from advertisements monthly.


The tournament is also important on streaming as it is a major part of the revenue to the streamers. The Twitch Streamers who are selected for a tournament will have a chance to win a big prize. Winning on game tournaments makes them famous as well as enables them to have another income source. 

One of the tournaments that gave huge gains to the streamers was in the Red Dead Redemption in which a total of $200,000 was distributed.


Like any other sponsorships, the companies pay the Twitch Streamers to promote their brands. It means that the firms pay the streamers for just playing and live streaming their games. When the Twitch partners want their new games to be promoted, they look for a Streamer and pay him or her to play it for a few hours per week. 

The firm paid a streamer to make the game well-known. For instance, the renowned Ninja is paid one million dollars by Electronic Arts for playing and promoting Apex Legends. It is also the case of Electronic Arts with its game Battlefield V. Obviously, the Twitch streamers must be renowned to make their brands marketable among the viewers.

Final Words

To sum-up, Twitch Streamers undeniably make potential earnings monthly from streaming. This well-liked destination for live streaming has attracted millions of viewers meaning also huge incomes to the streamers. The money the Twitch Streamers earn, therefore, depends on their popularity. If they are reputed they can make a lot of money. 

Mind that some of the Twitch Streamers earn thousands of dollars when they stream their playing sessions on Twitch and upload their games on Youtube. Becoming a Twitch affiliate requires some requirements and the new Streamers begin an Affiliate but if they get the viewership demand, they will become Twitch Partners.

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