Hunt Showdown Update 1.10 July 16 Patch Brings Dual Wielding, Trials & More

hunt showdown update 1.10 july 16

Crytek has released a rather meaty patch for Hunt Showdown console owners today. The Hunt Showdown update 1.10 July 16 patch brings new features, content and more. Check out the full patch notes rolled out for the Hunt Showdown update today.

Hunt Showdown update 1.10 July 16 patch notes:


Dual Wielding – Double the gun, double the fun. This Update brings the long-awaited Dual Wielding feature, available when using two identical handguns.

Trials Mode – You have asked, and we listened! We are happy to introduce the first iteration of our PVE mode – Trials! Explore the maps, complete difficult challenges, and collect Trial Stars for exclusive rewards.

New Legendaries – The update brings three shiny new Legendaries as well as two other exclusively unlockable with the Trials Mode!

Dual WieldingDual Wielding Handguns is a new and exciting feature in Hunt:Showdown, allowing players to equip and use two handguns at the same time.

All available handguns that can be used for dual-wielding:

  • Pair of Nagant M1895

  • Pair of Nagant M1895 Silencer

  • Pair of Caldwell Conversion Pistol

  • Pair of Caldwell Conversion Chain Pistol

  • Pair of Caldwell Conversion Uppercut

  • Pair of Caldwell Pax

  • Pair of Caldwell Pax Claw

  • Pair of Bornheim No.3

  • Pair of Bornheim No.3 Extended

  • Pair of Nagant M1895 Officer

  • Pair of Nagant M1895 Officer Brawler

  • Pair of Lemat Mark II

  • Pair of Dolch 96


  • Every Handgun can be equipped for dual-wield as a “matched pair”.

    • A second handgun of the same type can now be added to the same weapon slot.

    • The slot will convert to medium size when the second pistol is equipped.

    • It is possible to mix normal and Legendary versions of the same type as matched pairs.

  • Dual Wielding is available from Rank 1 and does not require any unlocks via Traits.

  • Equipped weapon pairs can not be broken up while playing; you are committed to use them as pairs until extraction.

  • When looting a dead Hunter, you can pick up their dual-wield sets just like you would any other medium-sized weapons.


  • Weapons have to be fired in sequence one after the other.

    • The rhythm is dictated by the shooter, allowing players to experiment.

    • Hunters can either go for a steady, constant fire-rate or try faster two-taps with longer breaks in-between shots.

  • Recoil is increased over single-handed handguns, making it harder to stay on target (esp. with more powerful handguns).

  • Effective rate of fire is increased, but still lower than the rapid burst from a single-action revolver using fanning.


  • Aiming Down Sights (ADS) will only apply a slight zoom, with the guns moving a bit closer to the center of the screen.

    • Weapon Sights are not used at all, reducing range drastically over other weapons.

  • Dual-wielding accuracy only benefits minimally from crouching (just like with Fanning and Levering Traits).


  • Weapons are reloaded at the same time in sequence, one bullet at a time.

  • Extra ammo pools are added up.

New Trait added: Ambidextrous

  • Available for 3 Upgrade points

  • Available at Bloodline Rank 44

  • “Quicker reloading of matched pairs, and custom clip reloads for semi-auto pistol sets.”

Developer Note: With this update, we are finally releasing a feature that we had on our roadmap for quite some time! Dual-Wielding aka Akimbo. It’s a major upgrade for all handguns, allowing them to be used in a completely new way. So far, players could choose to fire them conventionally – or by unlocking the Fanning trait – as rapid-fire single-action revolvers from the hip. A third option now becomes available by choosing to equip not one, but two into one slot. Where shooting a handgun normally is best for precision, and using fanning or rapid-firing a semi-automatic pistol gives a short burst of impressive firepower up-close, dual-wielding sits somewhere in the middle between them: Not as precise and not as fast, but with double the ammo capacity, perfect for suppressing fire or taking on hordes.

Now, why would players want to equip a matched dual pair of handguns? We think there are a number of different appealing scenarios here. Firstly, the option is available from Rank 1 on and doesn’t require any traits. You just have to combine it with another medium slot weapon, like a sawn-off shotgun or rifle. This makes a pair of dual-wield Nagant M1895 the strongest rapid-fire option for new players right out of the box. Secondly, it gives players impressive firepower to deal with mobs and to take part in prolonged fire-fights. Having double the extra ammo capacity means you can keep on firing for a longer time while keeping the enemy away from that window or that corner, allowing your team to take the initiative and move around more freely. While accuracy is much reduced, even only hitting the 3rd or 4th shot still hurt, and those lucky headshots are still a very real possibility. Lastly, when assaulting a strongpoint, such as a boss arena, dual-wielded handguns are much more flexible compared to Fanning as they reach out to more than double the average effective combat range, allowing you to fight along corridors or inside larger rooms where Fanning shots would prove less effective.

Dual-wielding brings a new component to Hunt’s gameplay. Some will love it for its coolness factor, others will find it ‘disgusting’ as it goes against the long bullet meta of the “perfect shot”. We hope that there is something in it for everybody, and that it opens up room for new battle tactics, easier combat against monsters as a backup (those Hellhound’s won’t be laughing when you bring 12 instead of 6 shots of your favorite revolver), as well as more intense shootouts with medium-sized inventory kits. There are a lot of options to explore and we are eager to hear your opinions on it!

Trials Mode (PvE)Trials is a new singleplayer game mode aimed at new Hunters and veterans alike, allowing to explore the world of Hunt:Showdown and complete different types of special assignments.

What can I do in Trials?

  • Explore the world freely without any enemies and get a feeling for Lawson Delta and Stillwater Bayou.

    • Move around at will or teleport directly to any compound.

    • Ever wanted to try out that risky jump? Now you can without the fear of losing your Hunter!

  • Complete Trial challenges along the way to learn about interesting weapons, enemies and locations.

    • There are a total of 15 trials players can discover and master.

    • Parkour Trials challenge your movement skills and take you along interesting paths.

    • Sniper Trials let you practice your aim in ranged combat.

    • Wave Trials require you to deal with groups of enemies with a variety of equipment.

    • All Trials can also be teleported to directly without the need of walking around the world.

  • Unlock exclusive rewards by collecting stars for completing Trials.

    • There are a total of 45 stars to be earned (3 per Trial).

    • Reaching a certain amount of stars unlock interesting rewards such as Hunt Dollars, Blood Bonds and advanced gear.

    • Dedicated Hunters can also try to unlock two Exclusive Legendary weapons.

Parkour Trials

  • “Flat-Out for Flatboats” – Lockbay Docks – Try not to get shredded by Concertina Armoreds, while racing from checkpoint to checkpoint before time runs out.

  • “Riding the Line” – Devant Ranch – Race against the clock while taking down Hives with your crossbow. Don’t get poisoned!

  • “A Cursory Investigation” – Pitching Crematorium – Navigate the underground maze and beat the clock, avoiding bear traps and Immolators on your way!

  • “Nightly Apparation” – Port Reeker – Charge through tight corridors and wooden walkways, be wary of the sharp teeth lurking in the dark corners!

Sniper Trials

  • “Fool’s Honor” – Cyprus Hut’s – Kill monsters of various types with your Lebel 1886 Marksman rifle, but don’t let anyone die to fire!

  • “For Whoom the Bell Tolls” – Healing-Waters Church – Chalk up enough headshots with your trusty Mosin-Nagant M1891 Sniper before the time runs out!

  • “Cut Firwoord” – Reynard Mill & Lumber – Make use of your Mosin-Nagant M1891 Sniper and keep those Immolators from burning it all down!

Wave Trials

  • “A Corpse for a Corpse” – Slaughterhouse – Hunt down Meatheads with your rapid-fire lever-action Winfield, while fending off hordes of Grunts!

  • “Fall Where They May” – Catfish Grove – Always keeping stock of your ammunition, mow down hordes of Hives and Grunts with your Avtomat machinegun!

  • “A Futile Undertaking” – Stillwater Bend – Avoiding packs of Hellhounds, bring down the scattered Immolators with your carbine and pistol!

  • “Can’t Rob Empty Graves” – Blanchett Graves – Eliminate Concertina Armoreds with your rifle and bayonet. Every shot counts!

  • “Big Game Connoisseur” – Darrow Livestock – Nitro Express Rifles were designed for hunting big game like elephants, but they also do the trick with Meatheads!

  • “Hive Brood” – Alice Farm – Make every shot count and retrieve your bolts to make them count again, as you battle against Grunts and Hives!

  • “Fisherman’s Tale” – Scupper Lake – Isolate and kill Concertina Armoreds while fighting off packs of Hellhounds. Don’t get bitten!

  • “Fire in the Bones” – The Chapel of Madonna Noire – Hunt down Immolators in the ruins of the burned out chapel, keep clear from the flames!

Exclusive Rewards:

  • Unlock Legendary Specter 1882 Bayonet “Tartufai” when reaching 20 Trial Stars

  • Unlock Lengedary Nagant M1895 Officer Carbine “The Cordwainer” when reaching 45 Trial Stars

***Developer Note:***It can be hard for new players to learn the lay of the land and all the little secrets of the Bayou with the constant pressure of encountering other players. Trials aim to give them a chance to practice before venturing on into the Bayou and competing with other Hunters. Without this pressure, players can now spend more time preparing for real encounters, making it easier to move on to Bounty Hunt when they feel ready, equipped with map knowledge, basic combat skills and a good understanding of the horrors that await them.

In addition, veterans can hone their skills and show that they really mastered the game with a perfect score of earned Stars and access to the exclusive Legendary weapons to brag with.With Trials, we are finally adding a PvE component to the game that has been missing for a long time. It’s a new pillar of Hunt:Showdown that can attract new players, who are less focused on fighting others, but rather enjoy the game and its setting in different ways offline. We plan on expanding the Trials experience with future updates, adding more challenges and additional exclusive rewards for players to unlock. The first batch of Trials have been around Stillwater Bayou. The next batch will be focused on the second map, Lawson Delta.

Please tell us what you like, what you are missing, and in what direction you would like to see the new game-mode Trials grow!

Hunt Showdown Update 1.10 July 16  GENERAL UPDATES

GunplayExtra Ammo Capacity

  • Reduced the extra ammo for the Nagant M1895  from 35 to 21

  • Reduced the extra ammo for the Nagant M1895 Silencer from 35 to 21

  • Reduced the extra ammo for the Nagant M1895 Precision from 35 to 21

  • Reduced the extra ammo for the Nagant M1895 Deadeye from 35 to 21

  • Reduced the extra ammo for the Caldwell Conversion Pistol from 30 to 18

  • Reduced the extra ammo for the Caldwell Conversion Chain Pistol from 30 to 18

  • Reduced the extra ammo for the Bornheim No. 3 from 15 to 10

  • Reduced the extra ammo for the Bornheim No. 3  Extended from 15 to 10

  • Reduced the extra ammo for the Bornheim No. 3 Match from 15 to 10

  • Reduced the extra ammo for the Nagant M1895 Officer from 21 to 14

  • Reduced the extra ammo for the Nagant M1895 Officer Brawler from 21 to 14

  • Reduced the extra ammo for the Nagant M1895 Officer Carbine from 21 to 14


  • Added more hints to the Training mode in order to give new players a better idea how to survive their first matches

  • Added a new pop-up after the player finishes the Training to better highlight the available options.

    • Play Trials

    • Quickplay

    • Play Bounty Hunt

StoreNew Legendary Weapons

  • Added Mosin-Nagant Avtomat: “Wolf’s Mouth” for 500 Blood Bonds

  • Added Lebel 1886: “Spring Chicken” for 500 Blood Bonds

  • Added Caldwell Conversion Uppercut: “Lord’s Prayer” for 500 Blood Bonds


  • In addition to our previous matchmaking rules, the system now will attempt to match you with a player matching your Prestige rank when searching for a Random Partner.


  • Writing in Chat now gives audio feedback.

  • Weapons now display the amount of ammo they hold before picking them up from the ground.

Hunt Showdown Update 1.10 July 16  BUG FIXES


  • Fixed an issue that caused the spread of the Romero 77 Handcannon to be too tight.

  • Fixed an issue where Hellfire Bombs or other fire explosives wouldn’t show hit feedback.

  • Fixed missing blur around the scope of the Martini-Henry Marksman.

  • Fixed several smaller animation glitches related to weapon handling.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Crossbow to deal less damage than it should have.

  • Fixed a bug where the small weapon was unequipped after unloading from Bounty Hunt or after restarting the game.

  • Fixed a bug where player got kicked from group with a 0x20007 crylcoud error.


  • Fixed an issue where gramophones & pianos could stop the currently playing song before it was finished.

  • Fixed a rare issue where burning caused a high pitched sound effect for other players.


  • Fixed an issue that caused Doctor Grunts to not spawn during any contracts.

  • Fixed an issue where Grunts would not die by triggering Poison Trip Mines.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Sticky Bombs to instantly explode when detached from the assassin while he changes forms.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Sticky Bombs to get stuck in the air when detached from the assassin while he changes forms.


  • Fixed an issue that caused looted weapons to be marked as non-contraband.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the ‘Hide Statistics’ checkbox to not fully revert to the previous status if a player cancels and confirms to lose unsaved changes.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the “Wellspring Bounty” statistic to always be 0.

  • Fixed several localization issues.

  • Fixed an issue where the extraction banner had a way too small font size in German.


  • Fixed an issue where ammo box spawns were missing in some cases.

Yep. this Hunt Showdown update 1.10 July 16 patch is one meaty update.

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