Hunt Showdown Update 1.30 Stalks Out for Patch 1.6 DeSalle This August 10

Hunt Showdown Update 1.30

Crytek has released the Hunt Showdown update 1.30 August 10 patch, and this is for the DeSalle 1.6 patch that’s been available on PC for quite some time! Note that this is one hefty download, estimated at 14GB! Check out the official patch notes below.

Hunt Showdown Update 1.30 Patch Notes | Hunt Showdown Update 1.6 Patch Notes:


Please be aware, Update 1.6 will require a full client download. While we understand that a full download can be frustrating, it is necessary in this instance.

Over the last few months, we have been working on improving many different aspects of Hunt, one of those being a focus on improving our security and internal anti-cheat measures. We have made some changes to the encryption of the .pak files in Hunt, and these important changes are the reason why a full client download is required for everyone. We feel 1.6 is the best time to do this as the new map also requires a large download (around 12GB), so this will allow us to do perform our security updates with as little impact as possible, as well as ensuring multiple large downloads will not be required in a short period of time. The total download will be around ~30GB.

Thanks for your understanding.

DeSalle – map #3

Developer note:This update brings with it a massive addition, one that we are incredibly excited to bring to you all, our latest map: DeSalle.

Over the last few years, we have learned quite a lot from listening to you, the community, and have always tried to take your suggestions into consideration when making improvements to our maps. The same can be said for the creation and development of DeSalle.

While developing this map, we used the years of feedback that you have all provided to help with our brainstorming process and combined this with our own ideas to come up with something fresh, while still staying true to core atmosphere of Hunt – dark and foreboding.

DeSalle combines a lot of the best features of our past work and allowed us to build on top of that even further by adding urban and industrial areas. The added verticality and detailed new compounds should give you all lots of areas to explore and play around with, while ensuring we stay true to the variety of gameplay options that we strive to bring with every new addition to Hunt.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback on the new map!

See you in DeSalle!

New AI variant

Miner Grunt

  • A mine worker variant of the standard grunt that can be found in specific locations in Desalle.
  • All Miner grunts have a mining lamp that can be damaged:
    • When damaged – the lamp will burst into flames.
    • Extinguished lamps will create an ignitable oil pool.

Displaying MMR and post-match Team Details

Since our recent updates to the match making system (Update 1.5.2) we realized that there was a gap in how the game communicated player ratings.

To address this, we have added some new features to the lobby that will display the details of the MMR tied to you and your group (match MMR).

You can read more information in the full notes below in the UI section.


General Improvements

  • Bullet’s Lullaby has been added to the main menu music rotation.
  • Added boss audio effects to the accolades in the Summary screen when you have successfully extracted with the bounty. The audio effect will be determined by the boss that was available in the completed match.
  • The menu ambience volume can now be controlled separately from the rest of the game sfx.
  • Added sound effects when claiming entries in the Book of Weapons and Book of Monsters.
  • Improvements made to the interior reverb and ambience through several building in Stillwater Bayou and Lawson Delta.
  • Improvements made to the hunter footstep sound while in forests (improvements to the overall asset quality).

Audio Mixing Changes

  • Slightly reduced the slapback echo generated by the Terminus Shotguns.
  • Improvements made to the audio compression and sonic quality.


Medium and Long Ammo Maximum Ranges

  • Long ammo max range has been increased to 500m
  • Medium ammo max range has been increased to 350m
  • These changes have also resulted in changes to the Effective Range for some weapons which will be visible in-game in the usual places.


  • Effective range of the Sparks LRR has been increased to 347m (previously 250m).
  • Effective range of the Vetterli 71 Karbiner increased to 203m (previously 167m).

Developer note:

We have decided to increase the max range for certain bullet types with the addition of the new map: DeSalle. As you may have noticed from our teasers, DeSalle comes with some areas that offer more verticality and longer sightlines. We have felt that there have been situations (even on the other maps) where the previous 250m headshot range and 300m projectile range felt a bit too low when attempting those rare long-range shots.

This increase in overall range comes with a systemic side effect of a longer Effective Range for some weapons. We feel this will give a solid boost in performance to long ammo sniper rifles as well as adding more value to medium snipers (like the recently added Centennial Sniper), allowing for much fewer frustrating interactions (e.g headshots that do not result in a killing blow) for those that enjoy playing as a long-range sniper.

Semi-Automatic and Double Action Weapons

Semi-Auto weapons now have increased sway with each shot fired in quick succession. This added sway value will decay over time allowing players to minimize the effect by carefully controlling and timing shots.

Weapons impacted by this change:

  • Dolch and its variants.
  • Bornheim No.3 and its variants.
  • Nagant Officer and its variants.
  • Crown & King Auto – 5.

Developer note:
With this change we introduced new parameters which will help in balancing existing and future weapons even further. This allows us to differentiate weapons with similar characteristics more effectively (think Bornheim compared to Dolch). For example, the Dolch and its variants will have increased sway much faster (and to a higher maximum sway value) compared to the Bornheim. Whereas for the Nagant Officer variants, it will not be as noticeable, but will still have an impact.

This change means there is now more incentive to time your shots in ADS and keep the spamming to shoulder aim where the spread has an even bigger effect of their performance over distance.

Dolch 96 Balance Changes


  • Increased the full reload time (stripper clip) to 6 seconds (previously 5s).
  • Increased the partial reload time (Single bullet) to 2 seconds (previously 1s).
  • Fixed an issue where the Dolch 96 Precision stripper clip reload time was shorter than the base versions. Reload times have now been adjusted and aligned.


  • Decreased damage to 97 (previously 110).
  • Decreased Effective range to 78m (previously (86m).
  • Decreased Handling stat for the Dolch 96 to 61% (previously 72%).
  • Decreased Handling stat for the Dolch 96 Precision to 69% (previously 80%).

Developer note:
Our aim with every weapon in Hunt is to ensure that they feel as fair as possible while giving them best feeling from both sides of the kill. With this change, we want to alleviate some of the bias that the weapon has and acknowledge that it performed slightly too well in certain areas.

The decrease in damage lessens the overall effective range as well as making it more important to focus on hitting center mass due to the reduced “two-shot” kill range.

Additionally, individual shots have much more value tied to them due to the extra investment needed with reloading and controlling the sway. This means that a missed shot is now going to be more impactful against the shooter and allow for more opportunities to capitalize on their sloppiness.

The Dolch is a powerful weapon by nature, so we want to make sure that it still feels strong. However, its power should be harnessed and controlled by the shooter and not dominate any encounter by default.

Bornheim Match

  • Increased the base damage for the Bornheim Match to 80 (previously 74). This change also increases the damage for its custom ammo types.

Custom Ammo

Full Metal Jacket

  • Increased the damage drop off distance (able to deal damage over longer distances):
  • Increased the range of the medium FMJ ammo by roughly 10%.


  • Increased the damage and burning effect at close range.
  • Still will not OHK (one-hit kill).


  • No longer has a reduction in damage over base ammo (except for the Nitro Express).


  • No longer has a reduction in damage over base ammo.

Explosive Ammo:

Springfield 1866/Martini-Henry IC1/Caldwell Uppercut

  • Reduced the explosive damage by 30 – 40% depending on the ammo type (Compact, Medium, Long)
  • Increased Bullet impact damage.
  • Increased the damage fall off.

Developer note:
We are introducing these changes as we feel that explosive ammo is not working the way we intended. Initially, we wanted this to be a tool that helped create chaos, allowed you to flush enemies out of bushes, ignite barrels/oil pools, but it over performed which resulted in some exceptionally easy kills without requiring pinpoint accuracy due to the splash damage effect (especially on console).

Explosive ammo deals damage in two ways: the direct hit from the projectile (impact and detonation) as well as the secondary splash damage caused by shrapnel, however internally it is counted as a single damage event. Now, we have normalized the splash damage for medium and long ammo weapons and increased the direct impact damage. This will result in roughly the same damage being dealt by direct hits, except when it comes to the Uppercut, which we have tuned down the damage overall. This change to the splash damage effect now means it will cause a lot less area damage with a much steeper damage falloff curve which means your shots have to be much closer to the target to inflict considerable damage.

Handling Stats

  • Decreased the Handling stat for the Crown & King Auto-5 to 78% (previously 89%).
  • Decreased the Handling stat for the Dolch 96 to 61% (previously 72%).
  • Decreased the Handling stat for the Dolch 96 Precision to 69% (previously 80%).

Caldwell Rival and Nitro Animation re-work

  • We have made some changes to the animations for both weapons. When reloading, the empty shells will no longer auto eject but will be manually removed by the Hunter. This is just a visual change and does not affect reload time or any other aspects of the weapons.

Developer note:
These changes are aimed at bringing these weapons more in line with their real life counter parts in terms of the reload logic without affecting their balance or place in the meta.

Nagant 1895 Officer and Brawler Animation adjustment

  • We have made some adjustments to the shooting animation for both variants so there is no longer a delay between the shot and the recoil ensuring the weapons are going to feel more satisfying than before.

Specter 1882 reload logic changes

  • This update see’s the beginning of some changes to the specter and its variants (like the bolt action changes we brought with Update 1.5.2). Now you will no longer lose a shell if you reload before racking the slide.

Dynamite Changes

  • Increased the damage of Dynamite sticks and Waterproof Dynamite Sticks to 750 (previously 500).

Developer Note:
With this update, we are making some changes to the damage from Dynamite sticks and red barrels. This is something we have planned for a while, but with the recent changes to Bulwark, we feel now is the best opportunity to bring this change into play.

This means that you will continue to have that extra protection against Explosive Ammo, but damage from Dynamite and Red barrels will remain as useful and deadly as they were before the Bulwark change. The kill range for explosions (from barrels and dynamite) has slightly increased while the damage radius remains unchanged.


Retaliation Reward

  • Players will now be rewarded upgrade points from killing/looting a hunter that previously killed you in the current match.
  • 2 Upgrade points will be rewarded once you loot the downed hunter.
  • Points will only be awarded if this hunter killed you at any point during the match (prior to you killing them).
  • Points will only be rewarded if you deal the killing blow to said hunter.

Trait: Bulwark

  • Increased the damage reduction to 50% (previously 25%).


MMR & post-match Team Details

With this update, we are introducing a feature aimed at providing more information post-match regarding the teams you fight with. This will allow you to compare your teams rating (Match MMR) against other to hopefully have a better understanding of the ratings of that group composition as well as understand why a potentially higher skilled player can end up on a team with a similar skill rating to your own (team rating and individual rating will be visible).

One factor that always needs to be considered in that balance of a match is the region you are playing. Regions like EU and the US have a much more precise bracket system (higher player base in those regions means more brackets available) compared to regions like OCE and South America. If you are in a low population region, the matchmaking will not be as precise, and you may still encounter some uneven matchups, but this is to avoid empty games.

MMR stars and what they mean

The stars are a visual representation of the MMR ranges. MMR is your personal PVP (Player Versus Player) rating that can range from 0-5000. 1 star means you have a rating between 0-2000 and 6 stars will mean you are between 3000-5000. Most players are in the ranges of 2600-2800 which is a 3–5 star rating (but most players in this range are predominantly 4 stars).

We have added a graph to the Bounty Hunt lobby and the team details screen that will show an approximation of the player numbers for each MMR rating. See the image below as a reference:

  • 1 star: between 0 and 2000 MMR.
  • 2 stars: between 2000 and 2300 MMR.
  • 3 stars: between 2300 and 2600 MMR.
  • 4 stars: between 2600 and 2750 MMR.
  • 5 stars: between 2750 and 3000 MMR.
  • 6 stars: between 3000 and 5000 MMR.

Developer note:
Please be aware that the stars are not equal to matchmaking brackets. Certain regions have more matchmaking brackets (EU/US) while other have less (OCE) while the MMR ranges will be the same among all regions and are representing your calculated skill.

This also means that you are likely to see more balanced games in regions with a higher population and more matchmaking bracket (EU/US) than in smaller regions (OCE).

The exact brackets and their ranges will be kept as internal information as they are constantly being tweaked and adjusted based on the data/telemetry we gather on a regular basis.

Lobby changes

  • Added the stars rating to the Bounty Hunt lobby for you and your partners.
  • Match MMR is displayed above the matchmaking options. This is calculated when your full group is formed and will recalculate if players leave, or new players are added to the group.
  • Individual MMR will be displayed by full stars only (no half star increments). Match MMR can increase in half star increments.
  • MMR will not be displayed (will appear as locked) for new players. This will be available once you have completed the trainee mode.
  • A tooltip in the top left of the Lobby will display a graph of the player. distribution by MMR ranges (see above image)

Additional changes related to MMR

  • Added a button to the mission summary page to bring up the team details screen which will show the following details:
    • On the left of the screen, you will see your team.
    • On the right will be the teams/hunters that were in your previous match.
  • Screen details:
    • MMR of all Hunters.
    • Match MMR of all groups.
    • An icon to show if Skill-based MM was enabled for these groups.
    • Active modifier for the Match MMR of the group:
    • Solo will be represented as “Strong.”
    • Random Duo will be represented as “Medium.”
    • Invite duo and Random trio will be represented as “Low”
    • Invite trio will have no modifier.

Developer note:
In previous updates, and in our communication around matchmaking, we mentioned that there are different modifiers applied depending on the group composition. This addition is aimed at giving some representation of the modifiers without giving details of the actual numbers used in the calculations.

  • Additional identifiers will be visible if you interacted with a hunter during the match. Hunter names will be revealed if you interacted with an enemy in the following ways:
    • Killed a hunter.
    • Killed by a hunter.
    • If the hunter was a bounty/wellspring carrier.
    • If you were within comms range of the player (voice/text chat).
  • Accolade cards for “Hunter killed” has been updated to show the star rating. Each star rating will have a set XP reward:
    • 1 star hunter: 300 exp
    • 2 stars hunters: 350 exp
    • 3 stars hunters: 400 exp
    • 4 stars hunters: 450 exp
    • 5 stars hunters: 500 exp
    • 6 stars hunters: 550 exp
  • Death Screen changes:
    • The comparison and report buttons have been moved to the “Team details” screen that is available post-match.
  • Added a new section to the in-game manual to further describe the new MMR stars feature.

Local Client toggle for MMR & Team Details

  • Added an option to allow you to hide the MMR rating of you and your teammates in the lobby. This can be done by clicking on the MMR rating in the lobby (or Team details page) and can be re-enabled at any time by clicking it again.
  • ‘Team Details’ page: we have added a new icon that will allow you to toggle on/off the names of enemy teams.

Developer note:
While we have received a lot of good feedback from the test server regarding the extra details that are now provided with the team details screen and MMR ratings, some of our partners and dedicated Hunt streamers asked if there would be any possible way to minimize the amount of information that is displayed on their screens while they are streaming. This included the MMR rating, their names/teammates names, and the names of enemy hunters.

There are a few reasons for this; one is to help limit stream sniping/harassment, the other is to remove any potential harmful content that may appear on the screen (such as inappropriate or hateful names).

It is important to note that this change is local only and is not a method of hiding your stats from others you play against. This means your MMR rating, name and all other details that are commonly shown on the team details page will still be visible to every other player you met during that match, but you are able to prevent these details from appearing on your screen while you are streaming.

Contextual Ping Markers

  • Item Boxes, Special Ammo Crates and the small Ammo Packs now have their own icon when pinged.

Developer note:
This is the first batch of new contextual ping markers that we will be adding. We plan to extend this system much further in future updates to allow players to better communicate with each other in different scenarios. More details on new additions to this system will be announced in future updates.

Status Effects Display

Active Status effects and the time remaining will now be displayed in the left corner of the HUD. Currently, two status effects will be shown:

  • Poison immunity after taking an Antidote shot and the remaining time before it wears off.
  • Unlimited Stamina after taking the Stamina shot and the remaining time before it wears off.

This system will also correctly display the time left after stacking shots.

Brand New shops

New subtab – DLC shop

  • This new subtab of the store will allow you to browse the DLC’s available for Hunt for a better browsing and navigation experience.

New subtab – Hunter Shop

  • This new tab of the store will be the new home for all the Legendary Hunters we have to offer in Hunt showdown as well as improving visibility around aspects such as their unlock requirements. This is where you will first unlock Legendary Hunters, but once purchased, additional Hunters can be recruited through the Recruitment tab as always.

Reworked Subtab – Legendary Weapons shop

  • Improvements made to the Legendary weapons shop. Weapon presentation and details such as unlock requirements should now be much clearer improving the overall experience with this part of the store.

Developer note:
These store changes are an important update for us as we have wanted to provide a much better experience for our players. We should note that these changes are only the first steps we are taking and have much more to come. Our overall goal is it improve the visibility, navigation, and usability of all aspects of the store, but we will dive deeper into that in future updates.

Additional changes

  • Visual update of the buttons (“Play Bounty Hunt,” “Back,” etc.)
  • Visual update of the tab and subtab bars.
  • The default sorting order of weapons in the Roster page has been updated to an alphabetical order.

Additional change for Consoles and PC with Controller

  • All button hints at the bottom of the screen have been removed. These icons are not included in the buttons themselves. This change should allow for better readability for any of our players using controllers and open new possibilities for the future.


Red Barrels

  • Increased the damage of the Red Barrels to 750 (previously 500).

See the Dev note under Dynamite changes for more details on this change.


  • Interactive Mechanical doors now use a pitch randomization to prevent “phasing”.
  • Reduced compression artifacts on many objects that produce audio (thunder, piano etc.)


  • Fixed a bug that could cause Scrapbeak to get stuck.
  • Fixed a bug on the death screen where Scrapbeak would not be correctly displayed as the “killer” if you died to his concertina wire.
  • Fixed a bug that reduced the fire damage taken by Scrapbeak when in frenzy.


  • Fixed a bug that caused shuttered windows to sound like they were Glass when hit.
  • Bug fixeug that caused barrels to spawn in locations that intersect with other objects.

Stillwater Bayou

  • Fixed a bug that caused players to become stuck on an ammo crate at Slaughterhouse.
  • Fixed a bug that caused players to become stuck between some crates and the ceiling at Cyrpus Huts.
  • Fixed a bug that prevents certain objects from rendering correctly in the underground area of Healing Waters Church.
  • Fixed an exploit in Blanchett Graves that allowed players to reach an area that should not be accessible.
  • Fixed several exploit spots in Lockbay docks that allowed player to get kills in an unfair manner.

Lawson Delta

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the spider to get stuck inside the walls at Golden Acres.
  • Fixed some geometry issues tied to the walkways at Fort Carmick.
  • Improvements made the landscape around the spawn at Iron works.
  • Fixed several exploit spots in Lawson Station that allowed player to get kills in an unfair manner.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented the display of the Bomblance hit marker when attacking a boss that is in frenzy.
  • Fixed the missing “sell all” progress circle that should appear when holding the action shortcut in the store.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the “leave group” button to not be disabled when the player is ready.
  • Fixed a bug that reset the filters when going from the ‘upgrades’ to the ‘equipment’ tab.
  • Fixed the incorrectly translated ‘Unlock’ pop up (Russian language).
  • Fixed a bug that caused issues with the view contract shortcut where it did not work correctly for a new host in a group.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the wrong ammo capacity to be displayed in the store for the Bomblance.
  • Fixed some bugs that resulted in some inconsistent naming for ammo types.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some legendary weapons to change position in the arsenal list when bought or sold.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the sensitivity settings while in “Gunslinger mode” to not grey out.
  • Fixed a bug where locked DLC’s were showing as buyable (button not greyed out as intended).
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in some inconsistencies with the ‘rending’ icons in the store and roster tabs.

  • Dying to a poison cloud or poison trip mine will result in seeing an empty death screen.
  • Concertina wire can damage players through walls.
  • Death from bleeding damage caused by AI can show as killing yourself in the damage history on the death screen.
  • In some cases, the banish state and extraction state can show the incorrect details. This is purely a visual issue. The normal status will continue as intended in the background.
  • Bleeding damage ticks do not register on the death screen in the damage history.
  • Holding the RMB while switching to a tool does not allow you to immediately prepare a heavy melee attack.
  • In some cases, concertina wire may not break reliably when hit.
  • In some cases, melee damage may not show a hit marker however the damage will still register.
  • Some inconsistencies may be experienced in terms of sensitivity while using gunslinger mode. Melee and weapon turn speeds are slightly different.
  • Gunslinger: Performing a heavy melee attack while you stop sprinting results in returning to the incorrect stance (should return to hipfire stance).
  • Gunslinger: In some cases, players can shoot by pressing melee button after spamming a combination of different actions.
  • Preparing a weapon while in Gunslinger can result in being unable to melee.
  • In some cases, while in gunslinger returning to ADS after cancelling a reload can require too many inputs.
  • Chaining shots while using gunslinger mode is less reliable than in Hunter mode.
  • Switching between fire modes on the LeMat may result in a weird looping audio and cause you to not to return to your previous stance.
  • In some cases, switching to another weapon (looting) can result in the dropped weapon falling under the floor.
  • In some cases, switching weapons while vaulting will result in not seeing your weapon in your hands. Swapping weapons again will solve this issue.
  • In some cases, the clones of the Assassin may become stuck and will not attack players.
  • In some rare cases, the Bomblance will not deal area of effect damage.
  • When attempting to join a Quickplay match, after leaving a team, the “please wait” might change back to red requiring you to press Play again.
  • In some rare cases, the spider may become stuck beneath the floor after jumping on a player.
  • In some rare cases, a health pack can spawn on a clue which will prevent you from correctly investigating it.
  • Training tab can become stuck under other UI elements when leaving the training selections screen. Opening the training tab again will resolve this.
  • In some cases, while in the “waiting for players” screen, it is possible for AI to attack.
  • Shooting a hive bomb that is floating on the water (with a shotgun) can result in multiple instances of the swarm.
  • In some cases, cancelling a reload will cause you to melee instead of shoot in cases where the right mouse button is held down.
  • Spectator mode: Aiming state of the player does not always line up with what is visible while in spectator mode.
  • Trials: In some cases, when replaying an earlier trial mission, you might spawn in with less health chunks than intended.
  • In some cases, crows may react to player noise later than intended. If there is a lot of occlusion between you and the crows, they can also be hard to hear.
  • In some cases, the crosshair for the throwing knives can disappear during gameplay.
  • Challenges: Kill 50 bosses is incorrectly tracked by the killing blow rather than participation.
  • In some cases, the crosshair may not change dynamically when switching between aiming modes and can become stuck at the smaller size.
  • In some cases, after being revived or if a weapon is swapped with a Winfield equipped, the server will register might register that it has no ammo.
  • Tutorial: Consumable replenishment may be incorrect after respawning.
  • Lootable weapons sometimes drop to close to each other making it difficult to loot the correct one.
  • In some cases, if you are unable to loot a weapon it is because the client registers that it fell in a different place than is shown on the screen.
  • Quickplay: Looting a new tool can replace and already existing empty tool, rather than taking up the next available slot.
  • In some instances, players may become stuck in a slow walking state.
  • Quickplay: Picking up a small weapon while performing a switch to a larger weapon results in swapping the wrong item.
  • In some cases, a looted item will still appear on the blue boxes in Quickplay even after another player has taken it. You will not be able to interact with these items.
  • Some geometry layers may not be correct when spectating.
  • In some cases, swapping weapons while in Gunslinger mode can cause the crosshair to disappear.
  • In some cases, where all consumable slots are full, you may not be able to purchase consumable items other than the one in the first slot.
  • Challenges: Hunters that are damaged by other players but receive a killing blow from AI count towards the total. This is not intended and should only add to the total when the killing blow is caused by a player.

If there are other changes and fixes included in this Hunt Showdown update today, we’ll update the post to reflect it.

Source: Reddit

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