Hunt Showdown Update 1.42 Out for Patch 1.7.1 This Dec. 9

hunt showdown update 1.42

Crytek has released the Hunt Showdown update 1.42 patch for consoles this December 9, and this is for update 1.7.1. Check out the complete patch notes below for all the changes that came with this latest update. This patch was also released earlier this week on PC.

Hunt Showdown Update 1.42 Patch Notes | Hunt Showdown Update 1.7.1 Patch Notes:


Rearranging Inventory Items – Item Hotswap Feature

With Update 1.7.1 we’re introducing the ability to rearrange Weapons and Items on your Hunter while still within a mission. Rearranging your items only takes a moment, and we know it will become second nature to Hunters of the Bayou in no time:

To move or swap items:
  • Hold the item you wish to be moved in your Hunter’s hands
  • Press and hold the button assigned to the inventory slot where you’d like the item to go
  • After a short delay the item will be placed in the target inventory slot
    • If this inventory slot already contains an item, the two will swap positions

Moving and swapping items is limited to their slot categories. Weapons can only move to other weapon slots, same with Tools and Consumables.


Swapping an Ammo Box in your first consumable slot, with a looted Flash Bomb in your last consumable slot.

Start by pressing ‘7’ to hold the Ammo box in your hand. Next press and hold ‘0’ to indicate you would like to switch its position with the Flash Bomb. After a short delay, the two items will be swapped.

  • The rearranging inventory feature will be limited to PC Players. Console Players still can use the two ‘favorite slot’ button mappings with -Left and -Right buttons on their Dpad to quickly access their two most important tools or consumables.
    • In order to remap your favorite slots select the target slot with the right stick and press and hold either -Left or -Right on the Dpad.


Developers Note:
With the introduction of this new feature, we’re hoping it will help normalize each game of Hunt and allow players to have their weapons in the correct slot even after looting a dead Hunter or to rearrange consumables acquired from Toolboxes.
We’re most looking forward to the utilization of this feature in Quickplay, so players can rearrange their Quickplay Hunter’s newly looted gear to fit the order they are most familiar with from Bounty Hunt.



  • Added a sound effect for Miner grunt’s headlamp being destroyed without the fireball.
  • Improved sound design for silenced weapons


Developers Note:
Since the introduction of the Vetterli 71 Karabiner Silencer, we noticed that the previously released silenced weapons (Sparks LRR Silencer, Winfield M1873C Silencer, and the Nagant M1895 Silencer) would need a slight rework of their design to be more in line with the original “base” weapons. This change is purely aesthetic and should not impact gameplay (e.g., The audible distance of the Silenced Shot)




Lawson Delta
  • Added more sandbags to the roof of the Waiting Hall in Lawson Station. This should help offer more cover from all directions while upon the roof
  • Made the side-building roofs fully accessible in Wolfshead Arsenal



  • Fixed an issue where the Butcher would incorrectly shoot a projectile at a wall instead of a player
  • Tentative fix for bosses sometimes dropping Bounty Tokens underneath boss lair stairs where the tokens could not be reached
  • Fixed an issue where Concertina Armoured could kill chickens when walking past the chicken coop
  • Fixed a rare server crash related to AI navigation systems




  • Fixed an issue where cash registers would be facing the wrong way
  • Fixed a missing roof in Lockbay Docks while in the Tutorial
  • Fixed an issue where wooden footsteps could be heard in the basement of Lockbay Docks
  • Fixed an issue where the Butcher could partially get stuck in the basement of Darrow Livestock
  • Fixed an issue where the Spider couldn´t reach players in Wolfshead Arsenal
  • Fixed a spot where players could get stuck in Stanley Coal Company
  • Fixed an issue where crows can spawn too close to a player spawn point outside Moses Poultry
  • Fixed a spot where players could get stuck in Reeves Quarry
  • Fixed an issue where bullets could be blocked by an invisible obstacle in Weeping Stone Mill
  • Fixed a small see-through gap at the stairs by the new crypt entrance in Healing-Waters Church
  • Moved the crank wheel at the new crypt gate to the other side in Healing-Waters Church
  • Fixed a spot where players could get stuck in Fort Bolden
  • Fixed a bug where two cash registers would spawn in the same location
  • Fixed an issue where windows would sometimes become indestructible
  • Tentative fix for walls not properly rendering in spectator mode
  • Fixed a spot where players could get stuck in Darin Shipyard
  • Fixed a spot where players could get stuck in Cyprus Huts
  • Fixed a spot where players could get stuck in, beneath a roof in Scupper Lake




  • Fixed an issue where the Vetterli Marksman used the wrong base sensitivity, making the default camera speed faster than other marksman variants
  • Fixed an issue where the Dolch precision would eject one more bullet than intended when reloading without Bulletgrubber




  • Fixed a reconnect issue that prevented players from swapping weapons




  • Fixed an issue preventing players from properly red-skull-reviving with a Bounty after a full reconnect
  • Fixed an issue where players would immediately execute world interactions that were queued up during an on-the-fly reconnect
  • Fixed an issue where event items that should boost Darksight range would not properly work
  • Fixed an issue where windows looked unbroken after a reconnect
  • Fixed an issue where after multiple reconnects players would no longer automatically crouch upon disconnecting
  • Fixed an issue where after a reconnect a burning player could no longer ignite AI and/or other players surrounding them
  • Fixed an issue where players were able to navigate the main menu before selecting a choice on the reconnect pop-up
  • Fixed an issue where the button shortcuts on the main menu were still working while a reconnect pop-up was active




  • Fixed an issue that caused zooming in and out of hunter models while scrolling through recruits
  • Fixed an issue which caused the wrong reward to be selected while prestiging under certain conditions
  • Fixed a visual bug that caused custom ammo 3D models to be displayed on top of other weapons in the Equipment list
  • Fixed an issue that showed incorrect weapons briefly when selecting an ammo type filter in the Arsenal
  • Fixed an issue where the equipment tab would scroll incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where previously removed “plus icons” came back when scrolling in the roster
  • Fixed an issue where fully dead teams, solo players, and QP players would sometimes get misleading info on leave mission
  • Fixed an issue where, when equipping four consumables, the selection would jump to the first consumable slot and render the reduce button useless
  • Fixed a visual bug that caused a gap between lines to appear after using filters in the legendary weapon store
  • Fixed a visual bug that caused a tooltip to be shown in the legendary weapon store despite the filter being empty

Please note – this list is not all-encompassing. We are aware that some currently known issues might not be listed, however, we will continue to update it as these are reported to us.


  • In some cases, AI is able to attack players before the match has started
  • In some cases, the Assassin clone can become stuck and not try to attack players
  • In some cases, the Butcher’s bounty token can spawn below the floor/stair and be unable to be picked up
  • In some cases, Meatheads may be missing leeches and not react to players
  • In some cases, receiving bleeding damage from AI can show “you killed yourself” in damage history
  • In some cases, the Spider’s frenzy is sometimes canceled when a player leaves the boss lair
  • In some cases, audio sounds as if it comes from a different position than it actually does
  • In some cases, switching fire modes on Dual wielding LeMats doesn’t go into the correct stance, and plays a weird looping audio
  • In some cases, players can interact with trait charms at a specific range which plays the ‘trait acquired’ audio but doesn’t give the player the trait
  • In some cases, the Spider can fall through the floor and become stuck when performing an attack
  • In some cases, razor wire can damage players through walls
  • In some cases, weapons can drop on top of each other making it difficult to loot the correct one
  • In some cases, players location can desync between client and server
  • In some cases, the crosshair stops changing size dynamically and will stay at a very small size
  • In some cases, the crosshair for the throwing knife/axes can disappear during a mission
  • In some cases, the banishment counter can desync for players
  • In some cases, the ammo counter doesn’t update correctly when fast-firing the Scottfield
  • For some challenges when an AI finishes off a hunter that kill counts towards the Player that damaged the Hunter before previously
  • In some cases, players won’t get a hit marker with melee while dealing damage
  • In some cases, Very High Spec users may be experiencing lower fps since a recent patch
  • In some cases, players may experience a stall on banishment
  • In some cases, players are unable to fire when switching quickly from iron sights to fanning
  • In some cases, the Winfield can empty itself server-side after the player gets revived or swapping weapons
  • In some cases, the transition between poison states can result in a slight camera shake
  • Very rarely, dragonbreath ammo can set the corpse of a player on fire (on kill)
  • In some cases, ammo on single-shot weapons may not be reloaded when switching while vaulting
  • In some cases, using a first aid kit while burning may cause problems with regeneration
  • Melee queuing sometimes fails for some weapons/items
  • In some cases, having RMB pressed while switching to a melee tool/world item doesn’t prepare a heavy melee
  • In some cases, players cannot instantly charge a melee after using a different tool/consumables (like throwing knives)
  • In some cases, players can’t sprint when they make a sprint input after a hipfire shot (only while sprint and ADS are on different buttons)
  • In some cases, players will randomly un-ADS their weapon
  • In some cases, when canceling a reload the player will melee instead of shooting (while RMB is held down)
  • In some cases, medkits can drop on a clue making them difficult to interact with
  • In some cases, players might remain empty/wrong handed when swapping weapons and vaulting at the same time
  • In specific cases, having sprint and ADS on different buttons ignores sprinting
  • The view of spectators doesn’t always represent the correct aiming state of the player
  • In some cases, players can be stuck continuously executing ‘LMB’
  • In some cases, players can have different sensitivities for melee weapons and normal guns
  • In some cases, players are unable to loot weapons and will receive the ‘Ammo Full’ message when pressing interacting
  • In some cases, used up tools get replaced when players pick up a new tool
  • In some cases, the poison effect from a hive or spider can be stuck on a player
  • In some cases, arrows and other retrievable may become unpickable when a killed AI is despawned
  • In some cases, bear trap placing is canceled when too close to another object
  • In some cases, weapons can drop below floors after switching
  • In some cases, picking up a small weapon during a weapon switch animation (from large to small) ends in swapping the wrong weapon
  • In some cases, flares stay alive for reconnected players and loop the throw audio
  • In some cases, the ammo display for single-action rifles can show incorrectly after a temporary disconnect
  • In some cases, climbing a ladder after a partial disconnect puts the player in a climbing state
  • In some cases, players won’t start with full HP when replaying a Trial
  • After equipping all four consumable slots, players may have difficulties purchasing more consumables with double click
  • In some cases, after leaving a group and queuing for QP the button “Please wait” gets active/red again
  • In some cases, bleeding damage ticks are not properly represented in a players damage history
  • In some cases, the crosshair can be missing after switching weapons in gunslinger
  • In some cases, a Hunter is partially visible for a short time while in the lobby after a match has started or finished. (Players may see floating weapons, but not the Hunter model in the menu)
  • In some cases, banishment and token UI can display the wrong status
  • In some cases, dying to ‘burning out’ shows a placeholder/previous death screen
  • Some items in the progression list can disappear when unlocking them
  • In some cases, dying to the poison cloud left by a poison trip mine may display an empty death screen
  • In some cases, unlocking a legendary weapon can change the order of the legendary weapon list
  • In some cases, the bomb lance deals no explosion area damage
  • In some cases, bullets have difficulty penetrating objects they should be able too
  • In some cases, crows can react late to nearby players
  • In some cases, concertina wire doesn’t break consistently
  • In some cases, shooting a hive bomb that is floating on the water with a shotgun spawns multiple instances of the hive swarm
  • In some cases, Geom layers can sometimes not load for a compound
  • In some cases, concertina wire doesn’t deal damage to players
  • In some cases, using a ladder may result in teleporting and being stuck inside assets
  • Players do not receive the confirmation popup when attempting to leave a mission as the final living member of a team (or as a Solo player)

If there are any console specific updates that will go live, we will let our readers know.

That’s about it for the patch.

Source: Steam

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