Hyper Scape Update 1.22 October 27 Now Out and Here’s What’s New

Hyper Scape Update 1.22 October 27

While Ubisoft just released a beefy Hyper Scape update last week that brought in the Halloween event and other stuff, the company has released the Hyper Scape update 1.22 October 27 patch and it’s out now, and it adds new features!

Hyper Scape Update 1.22 October 27 Patch Notes:

For those looking for a balance pass on the Komodo, and health regen changes, Ubisoft has posted a message about that which you can read below:

Hello Community Friends,

I wanted to drop a quick line to let you know that your voices have been more than heard regarding Komodo, as well as the Health Regen changes, and the team is working on an update for later this week. No ETA to share at this time, but we will as soon as we know dates/times.

I know it can be frustrating to feel like a big thing has happened and no one is listening to you about it. I just want to urge you to try and keep perspective on timings of things. The patch has only been out for 4 days, only 2 of which were work days, and while we knew how YOU felt about it very well on Thursday, we still needed time to properly asses the data and the various ripple effects the last patch had across the game. This team works incredibly fast in my experience, but I know it might not feel like that in the heat of the moment when you’re getting blasted by Komodos.

If you’re wondering why tomorrow’s patch (which adds FOV slider to all consoles) doesn’t include Komodo tweaks, it’s all about how dev pipelines work. That patch was locked last week before Komodo even came up here. It’s a reality of how patches work, you need a decent sized road ahead of them after locking their content down, to test them thoroughly, to submit them to all of our first party platform holders (sony, msft), to go through certification, and then to make it out into the world.

Anyway, always happy to share more insight into the dev process if it helps better understand the timelines we work with. Let me know!

Hyper Scape is out now as a free download on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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