An Important Update On Our Halo: The Master Chief Collection Review

Hello everyone,

I think it’s important to let you all know that our Halo: The Master Chief Collection review will not be landing on the site this week should the issues with matchmaking continue to exhaust my patience.

Normally, I would make note of these issues in the review itself, but considering that the review is focused on the multiplayer aspect and you come here to read our thoughts on that particular side of gaming, we thought it best to not publish it until I’ve had ample opportunity to actually experience the multiplayer as a consumer would. I think you’d agree that it wouldn’t be fair to base my thoughts and opinions off the one press session of Custom Games I got to participate in.

So, to be upfront, do not buy this game at the moment if you are wanting to experience the iconic multiplayer Halo has mastered so well over the last decade. If you can handle Custom Games and you don’t care about online Matchmaking multiplayer, or you just want to play the campaign and relive the story, go ahead and get the game, considering those features work.

Either way, you can keep up with some of the latest multiplayer updates here to see what 343 Industries is currently working on. An update will be pushed out later this evening with more to come over the weekend.

Now, I’m not saying the game is bad, by any means. It’s actually quite good from what I’ve played. It just features a broken multiplayer, and when the multiplayer does work, it takes 25 minutes to even find a match. It’s simply our hope to provide you accurate information on a product you are potentially buying, because after all, it’s our duty as a publication to be the minesweepers of the Games Industry so that you don’t wander off and get blown to oblivion!

343 is obviously not abandoning the game, so we hope to have our review of the Master Chief’s saga by next week. Remember to keep your eyes on MP1st for more updates on Halo.

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