In-Game Apex Legends Axe Is Priced at $35 and Can Only Be Obtained by First Spending Over $150

Just a few days ago, Respawn Entertainment launched the Iron Crown Collection event in Apex Legends that also included Solos mode, and a bunch of new items to obtain. While all the items included in the Iron Crown Collection are purely cosmetic, the most rare item in the lot, which is an Apex Legends Axe for Bloodhound, can only be obtained by spending a TON of money!

As you can see below, Apex Legends’ Iron Crown Collection has 24 items in total that are either Rare or Legendary that players can obtain. Now, if you want to get the axe called Raven’s Bite, you’ll need to first unlock every item in the entire collection . That doesn’t sound bad, right? Well, unfortunately, you can’t earn all the items in the Iron Crown Collection just by playing the game. Currently, playing through Apex Legends’ challenges will net you a new in-game currency called Crowns, which will then let you obtain two loot boxes that contain two items from the list of 24.

As for the rest of the items, you have to spend to get ’em. They’re currently priced at 700 Apex Coins per pack, which is around $7 in real-world money each. $7 multiplied by 22 is $154. Once you’ve obtained all the items in the Iron Crown Collection, you’ll then be able to have the right to purchase this Heirloom axe for a mere 3500 Apex Coins or around $35 in real-world currency!

If you go this route, you’ll have spent a total of $189 ($154 + $35) just to obtain this Heirloom item (Heirloom is Apx Legends’ most rare classification tier). However, there is a way to buy it cheaper. Buy the Apex Coins in bulk, so the exchange rate won’t be 1:1 (USD to Apex Coin).

If you do the math, you can buy the $99.99 Apex Coins pack which has 11,500 Coins, and then get the $59.99 Apex Coins pack which contains 6,700 Coins. Doing this, you can buy the 22 items in the Iron Crown Collection, and then you’ll just need to spend $10 to get the Heirloom axe since you’ll have a large sum of Apex Coins leftover! Doing this will total $170, which means you’ll be saving $19 in total!

Now, while this is a super rare item, I don’t think it’s worth $189 or $170 in real world money. I mean, it is a virtual, cosmetic-only item, after all, no? But I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

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