Infinity Ward Defends Deathstreaks, But Asks You To Weigh In

Deathstreaks are a hot topic among Modern Warfare 3 fans, especially experienced players (check out the full list of deathstreaks here). Many were hoping that this new feature, introduced back in Modern Warfare 2, would be scrapped in the next instalment. Many of these fans have also been quite vocal about their feelings on the subject. They are making sure that they are heard among the developers at Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games.

When asked about the type of thinking that went behind the inclusion of deathstreaks, Glen Schofield, VP and Co-founder of Sledgehammer Games, answered, “So [gamers] have a chance of becoming better players. [Veteran players] have years of experience playing. New players need help.

One fan suggested that once a player reaches the highest rank in his first prestige, deathstreaks should no longer be available to him, since he should now be considered “experienced.” Robert Bowling, creative strategist at Infinity Ward, countered by saying, “Removing a feature from the game for more experienced players isn’t the answer. How about a Deathstreak-less playlist?

Hmm. Now there’s an idea!

Do you think this is fair? Should players have the option to choose a deathstreak-less playlist in Modern Warfare 3? Let us know in the comment section below. We will do our part in passing your thoughts on to Mr. Bowling.

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29 thoughts on “Infinity Ward Defends Deathstreaks, But Asks You To Weigh In

    1. “fucking turds” + allcaps

      Are you sure you’re this “mature battlefield player” ive been hearing so much about?

  1. um, i thought they were removing Deathstreaks? DID infinity Ward lie again?

    Dedicated servers better still be there.

  2. They made a huge fuss at COD XP about the fact they removed Last Stand… to quote the IW devs at COD XP: ‘Fuck Last Stand!’. But then I read the full list of death streaks and there I see to my surprise (or not)… Final stand. They really are full of shit.

    1. Yep, but when you spawn trap the other team you’ll see them constantly falling into last stand, which will be a bit annoying.

      1. You’re not suppose to spawn trap though. Remember those guys got banned for spawn trapping in Black Ops. Now that theater mode is fully implemented in MW3 people will report those that do.


    I agree with the get to 80 and lose them. Yer alright you’re trying to cater for the “new gamers” but what about your more experienced players?? why should they suffer with such a bad idea!

    Painkiller was horrible in MW2 because there was no way to beat them and this new one where u see the guy thats killed you on the radar… are you kidding me!!

    You already give them enough with nube toobs and panic knifing and ghost and all these things… they have more fun playing this game then experienced players without this crap, they just want to play it and then enjoy it no matter what but us “veterans” won’t enjoy it with stupid killstreaks

  4. I like the prestige idea. Not sure as to how that’s frowned upon, by the time you prestige you should be experienced enough to know what you’re doing.

    There’s already cheap tactics and attachments in the game, why not lessen up on the casual part of this game a little bit? It’s really basted on there.

  5. Yeah, reaching the end of prestige-less levels should really make you ‘experienced’, or at least enough so that death streaks aren’t needed. The only other reason for death streaks in MW2 was when the enemy’s air support was so overpowering that spawning resulted in instant death, especially when there was a chopper gunner in the air. Painkiller was often the only thing that would allow you to get into cover. If everything in MW3 is as balanced as the developers would have us believe, there should be no reason why reaching the highest level before prestiging shouldn’t disable death streaks.

  6. I could care less. I rarely get the benefits of one. And I really don’t care if the enemy gets to use one. The only way these are a problem is if they are on every kill, which they are not. Veteran players shouldn’t have a problem dealing with these. If they do, they are just not as good as they thought they were and they might need help from the deathstreaks themselves. And having them locked or removed at prestige isn’t an option since rank in COD games is not an indicator of skill. Games are not catered to casuals but they need to be accessible for all skill types, if not the game alienates players and sales. Eventually the game franchise dies a slow death (see Socom). Its funny people hearing people complain about the casuals yet they all want the game catered specifically to them. We all play the same game, if you can not beat inferior players under the same rule set then you might want to lower your expectations about how good you are.

    1. Very intersting point of view. your arugument has its merits, but if there was a good way to gauge one’s skill level then deathstreaks should eliminated at that level. And, I like the deathstreak less playlist idea, I just hope it’ll be popular. I mean look at the Express Playlist in Black Ops, it’s not getting a lot of traffic.

      If you want to join MP1st as a writer, here’s the link:

      P.S. Are you a fan of Sandy Ravage, Akimbo Slice? 😉


  7. I think it’s a fair way to allow the new player to get into the action. The way it is now, if you don’t join in the fray in the first month or so, you will be way behind. People play this game like 8+ hours a day learning every little bit of every map. If a player is getting pummeled with 3+ deaths in a row, he/she should get something to help them get back into the game.

    Also, to the poster complaining about spawn trapping and last stand, just don’t spawn trap. It is really a pretty lame tactic. Yes, if you find yourself spawn trapped, you should quit out. It would also make sense to not do that to other people.

  8. Don’t want to sounds like a douche or anything, but just buy Battlefield 3, problem solved. If you QQ about being forced to play the objective, you can play Team Deathmatch where there are no vehicles. I’m just saying.

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