Infinity Ward Will Look at Cross Platform Gaming for Future Games

Robert Bowling shares his thoughts on cross-platform gaming.

In a recent Australian Gamer interview, Robert Bolwing was asked about cross platform play and if Infinity Ward was looking into featuring it in future titles. Robert answered “We [Infinity Ward] take things one game a time. There’s no Cross platform play in Modern Warfare 3. Right now, we’re completely focused on that [MW3], and we’ll look at it [Cross Platform Play].” He went on to express his thoughts on cross-platform gaming “I think it’s something cool that a lot of people are doing well.”

Shadowrun had one of the earliest implementations of cross-platform play in the current consoles generation, but a more recent example, which Bowling might be referring to, is Portal 2’s PS3-PC co-op feature which worked quite well. Also, Valve has recently announced Counter Strike: Global Offensive, which will feature cross-platform play between PC, PS3, and Mac. However, there hasn’t been a game that pitted console players, PS3 and 360, against each other.

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Would you like to see this system implemented in a future Call of Duty title?

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