Injustice 2 Enchantress Tips Straight From Pro Player ‘HoneyBee’ Shows Off the Inner Workings of the Character

With Enchantress, the second of third DLC character for Injustice 2’s Fighter Pack 3 now available for direct purchase. You may have some questions regarding the latest roster addition for Injustice 2, such as her mechanics as well as her combos.

Thankfully for you, you won’t have to hit the lab (training mode) and spend countless hours to figure all the inner workings of Enchantress. As Tim Commandeur or better known around the Fighting Game Community as “HoneyBee” a very prominent pro for NetherRealm Studios titles has got you covered.

This latest videos about the DCU-based fighter details what you need to know about Enchantress, including a combo video guide and detailing her curse system. You can check out both videos below:

Additionally, if you’re a bit confused on the keys used in the combo video, the video description has a key that transfers the combos to your platform of choice.

Aside from Enchantress becoming available for direct purchase this means one thing for Injustice 2,  and that’s the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are the next characters to be released sometime next month.

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