Injustice 2 Update Adds Enchantress to God Pack Owners

It’s January 9, and for the Injustice 2 playerbase who also happen to own the God Pack this means one thing: Enchantress is now available to download and play! The latest Injustice 2 update is out now, and it’s at a reasonable 222MB on the PlayStation 4,

Though, for those who don’t own any iteration of the God Pack and want to purchase Enchantress piecemeal can do so next week. Of course, no new character release would be complete without a look at their gear pieces. Luckily for us, people on the Xbox One platform had early access to her thanks to a simple trick and have uploaded footage of her gear already.

You can check Enchantress in some gameplay footage below:

Aside from a new character being available, it seems NetherRealm Studios has also released a relatively small patch for the game as well. You can check out the notes below. Note that we’ve only included what’s actually new in this latest Injustice 2 update, since it also includes patch notes from the previous game update.


  • Fixed an display issue with Brainiac’s Legendary Multiverse requirements

Character Balance

  • Atom – Catalyst Chaos MeterBurn will no longer sometimes auto face the opponent
  • Atrocitus – Five Inversions (Light, Light, Medium, Hard) now correctly interacts with projectile effecting attacks
  • Atrocitus – Blood-Nado MeterBurn is no longer effected by projectile destroying attacks
  • Black Canary – Canary Shriek Level 3 while her Legendary is equipped with no longer send the opponent in the wrong direction when it hits as a crossup
  • Black Canary – “Scream Queen” Gear Augment now correctly increases damage to Sonic Scream attacks
  • Black Canary – “Scream Queen” Gear Augment now correctly increases damage to Sonic Scream attacks
  • Green Lantern – “Shield of Will” Gear Augment now lasts the correct duration listed
  • Scarecrow – Inner Fear Character Power’s visual effects no longer get removed when he is interrupted out of his teleport despite still being active
  • Supergirl – Fixed some sound issues with (Air) Power Slam MeterBurn

In case you missed our coverage of the Enchantress reveal trailer, you can check it out here.

Source: WB Games

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