Killzone: Shadow Fall Set To Receive Retro Maps After Next Expansion, Team Confirms New PS4 Open-World IP

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Fans of the previous Killzone titles may be in for a real treat as Guerrilla Games have revealed plans to release some older, more memorable maps from past Killzone games.

During a Reddit AMA, Senior Online Producer Samrat Sharma  responded to a few fans question, one including whether we would see any past maps such as Radec Academy (Killzone 2). Sharma replied with a short, but clear comment:

“Stay tuned for our retro map announcement too.”

Remember that all the maps for Shadowfall are free, with the most recent one being Canyon. Currently, the team is working on the co-op DLC/Standalone title, Killzone: Shadow Fall Intercept, which will release sometimes this month. We can expect it to be shown off at this year’s E3, and upon release, we can probably expect some more details on these Retro Maps that the team has planned.

While E3 is next week, the team did confirm during the AMA that they are working on a new IP, however it won’t be shown off at E3, despite having confidence in the title.

No, we won’t be showing it right now. Simple reason: we are confident enough in the game, but it’s not something we can show and expect reasonable feedback. There is simply a lot of work that we need to do before we show it to our fans.”

He added that “the team is very positive about the work they’ve put in so far and the results,”

They also went on to further confirm rumors that the title is indeed an open-world game.

“Open games are a very different beast, and an unprepared team can spend loads of people and money making content for an open game (I used to work for Ubisoft, so I know the pitfalls to avoid). Thankfully, we have an ever curious technical team that is not resting on its laurels and investigating new frontiers that help us push our content in new an interesting directions. As for open, specifically, you’ll have to wait for the next game’s announcement to see what it does.”

Perhaps we can expect them to show off their new IP at this year’s GDC in Europe instead.

So, what do you guys think the new IP will be about? What about the retro maps for Killzone? Which ones do you want to see make a return?