Kingdom Hearts 4 Officially Announced; First Gameplay Trailer Shown

Kingdom Hearts 4l

The Kingdom Hearts 20th anniversary event surprised fanstoday, as they were treated to a new game announcement. Square Enix has now revealed Kingdom Hearts 4 (written as Kingdom Hearts IV).

After showing some Kingdom Hearts mobile video games, Square Enix did the unthinkable and fully revealed Kingdom Hearts 4. The company not only announced the game, but they showed off the first-ever gameplay footage from it as well. You can view the trailer below at around the 4:05 mark.

Much like the other games before it, Kingdom Hearts 4 will still have Sora as the main playable character. In the trailer, Sora is waking up in a realistic-looking city and he has to battle a huge Heartless monster by himself. Later in the trailer, it also revealed Donald Duck and Goofy are be back for the ride too.

As of right now, no official platforms for the game have been announced. Judging by the graphics, it’s safe to assume the game will be released for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. The last game to be released in the franchise was Kingdom Hearts III back in 2019, and was met with generally positive reviews.

We’re keeping an eye close to this action-RPG, and will report more info once it surfaces.

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