The Last of Us – New Multiplayer DLC Details & Offscreen Gameplay

The Last of Us multiplayer is getting some new DLC, as was shown off during developer Naughty Dog’s Last of Us Tournament panel at The PlayStation Experience.

YouTuber, SanchoWest recently uploaded some gameplay videos, which you can watch below. A summary of the confirmed DLC can also be found, compiled from the information in the videos.


  • Frontier Rifle
  • Crossbow
  • Burst Pistol
  • Tactical Shotgun

[youtube id=”lBgog3_BzVY”]

[youtube id=”Ji4hRHA31qo”]


These perks are called “risk management perks” that only activate in certain situations.

Lone Wolf (2 loadout points) – When you move far enough from your teammates, a whole pool of perks activates. You are awarded 50 parts bonus, agility 2, and sharpshooter 2. Level 2 of Lone Wolf  (3 points) grants you Sharp Ear 3, 100 parts bonus, and the other perks of level 1.

Jack of All Trades  (5 loadout points) – This perk grants players a huge amount of perks for less than what they actually cost. Tier 1 costs 5 loadout points, but gives 5 perks that would typically cost 8 points, and tier 2 costs 10 points, but gives you 16 loadout points of perks. Brawler 1, Covert Training 1, Sharp ears 1, Strategist 1, and Crafter 1 are in Tier 1 with Tier 2 having those plus Explosive Expert 1, reviver 1, sharp ears 3, scavenger 1, and second chance 1.

Lucky Break – Activates when you reach a lock box. Tier 1 cost 2 points and grants 50% more pistol ammo. Tier 2 cost 4 points 25% large firearm ammo and 2 crafting ingredients. Level 3 costs 5 points, includes all of tier 1 and 2 perks, plus 3 crafting ingredients when you open a lockbox.

Second Chance – Level 1 tier (2 points) free health kit every time you don’t have one and health drops below 50%. 25% additional starting ammo after 2 consecutive deaths, up to a maximum of 50%.  Tier 2 (3 points) – Everything 1 has, plus 25% cheaper ammo with a maximum of 100% cheaper.

Lethal Efficiency – New perk that grants you a new special execution. The perk allows you to sneak behind other players and snap their necks. Level 1 is 2 load out points, and Level 2 is 3 points and increases the animation speed.

New Special Execution Animations are coming to many of the existing weapons, along of new masks, hats, and other customizable add-ons, which you can watch below.

[youtube id=”P5ZoOJMvO8U”]

No news on when the DLC when will arrive, though we do expect a trailer, which was originally planned to debut today, to reveal the date this Tuesday.

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