The Last of Us Remastered HQ Teaser Trailer Released, Runs At 60 Frames

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Naughty Dog revealed yesterday that the Last of Us would be getting a remastered version for the PS4, and released a trailer to go along with it.

But because of quality and FPS limits of YouTube, they have released the same trailer again, this time uncompressed and running at a much higher frame rate.

You can download (or stream) it below (82mb). Looking at the source info of the footage, we can determine that it’s running at 60 frames-per-second (the video, not the game). Due to high traffic that naughty Dog is recieving on their site, you’ll be able to download the teaser trailer form an alternative source down below.

The video runs at 1080P, 60FPS and at a bitrate of 8916kbps

Download The Last of Us Remastered High Quality Trailer

This is a relief for many users requesting for the high-def footage, instead of Sony’s normal Youtube route.

Thanks, Neogaf.