Latest Returnal Patch Escalates Crashes, Door Issues

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Housemarque just released a new title update for its rogue-like shooter Returnal today! While patches are usually rolled out to add content or fix gameplay or technical issues, it seems to have done the opposite for the game, as multiple reports have surfaced stating more frequent Returnal game crashes, and “door” issues.

Multiple threads on the game’s subreddit have surfaced so far regarding more frequent game crashes, encountering the door isssue (which players were hoping to be fixed in today’s patch).

Returnal Crashing After May 3 Patch Issues:

Warning ⚠️ 1.003.001 patch from Returnal

So I have been playing without any problems for over 35 hours. Woke up today for the 1.003.001 patch and now I can’t play more then 10-15 minutes before I get a bug that makes it so that doors don’t open and I can go tru objects that I am not supposed to be able to walk tru… happened 4 times already. This patch really ruined my birthday…

Now I’m worried. First game after the new patch and the door from Helios won’t open. from Returnal

I’ve not had one single issue since launch and the very first run after installing the patch gets stopped because the firat door won’t open.

Housemarque, you’re better than this.

UPDATE – Happened twice now. Just got stuck in the Fabricator room. I’m not playing it again until its fixed. Ironically, it’s the nature of the game which is stopping me from playing it.

What’s more, aside from crashing, the game’s “door” problem seems to have escalated too!

For those unaware of the “door” bug, it’s when you suddenly not let you interact with things, and the door won’t open, which are supposed to open automatically. Our own Sean Mesler has encountered this multiple times, sadly.

If you encountered other issues with today’s patch for Returnal, let us know down in the comments, so other players are aware of what they can expect.

Let’s hope we get another patch that sorts these issues soon.

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