Leaked GTA Online Content Creator Details

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GTA Online‘s Content Creator that was promised back during the game’s debut multiplayer trailer is still forthcoming, but thanks to the same YouTuber who discovered hints of incoming gameplay updates like Casinos, Pink Slip Races and Spying, we’ve also gotten a small peak at this anticipate feature.

The user who was able to get at the Content Creator via tampering with a few of the game’s files has a few videos you can check out on his channel, but we presume they will be taken down at some point in the near future. He does mention that the version he was playing around with is a different file size from the updated version, meaning the actual, official Content Creator, when it launches, will most likely be a tad different or will include more/different options. Meanwhile we’ve gathered some details you can read up on right here.

The Creator menu includes options like Create a Deathmatch, Create a Race, Load, GTA Online and Grand Theft Auto V. The feature won’t work underground or inside buildings and items can be placed via the overview camera or while on foot. Here are some of the more detailed menu options we mapped out while watching the videos.

It goes without saying that the menu map is most likely not final. Also, some options that are available in the Deathmatch Creator might not be in the Race Creator and vice versa.

  • Deathmatch Details
  • Race Details
    • Title
    • Description
    • Photo
    • Search Tags
    • Maximum Players
    • Race Type
    • Route Type
    • Number of Laps
    • Starting Grid Size
    • Available Vehicles
    • Default Class
    • Time of Day
    • Traffic
    • Wanted Levels
    • Radio
  • Creator
    • Place Trigger
      • Place Trigger Location
    • Lobby Camera
      • Place
      • Preview
    • Checkpoints
      • Add Checkpoint
      • Cycle Between Checkpoints
    • Spawn Points
      • Add Spawn Points
      • Cycle Items
    • Weapons
      • Type
      • Cycle Items
    • Vehicles
      • Category
      • Type
      • Color
      • Cycle Items
    • Props
      • Category
      • Type
      • Cycle Items
    • Stunt Jumps
      • Place
    • Randomize
      • Radius
      • Spawn Points Weapons
    • Toggle Radar
    • Delete Options
  • Radio
  • Test
  • Save
  • Publish
  • Exit

Those are just a few of the details we were able to gather for now. There’ll most likely be a lot more to explore once the official Content Creator hits GTA Online sometime in the near future.