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life is strange true colors

In just a few short days, the latest entry in the Life Is Strange chapter will be released, and MP1st has been fortunate enough to be given early access to it (thanks, Square Enix!). While our review won’t go live until next week, we are able to share our Life Is Strange: True Colors hand-ons preview! Ready? Let’s dive in.

Life Is Strange is back with the latest game titled, “True Colors.” The following gameplay shown is recorded on the PlayStation 5 in 4K at 60hz with raytracing on. This preview only covers Chapter 1 and no spoilers will be included.

In Life Is Strange: True Colors, you follow the story of Alex Chen, someone who has a unique ability: feeling others fears, angers and sadness. This allows Alex to help people overcome certain situations; some super simple, while others severe.

However, Although her unique abilities allow her to understand other people better they do have a major side effect as for every time she uses him she becomes more absorbed in those feelings that’s taking them on herself. Thus setting off a chain of cause and effects that will alter players decisions and have major outcomes in the game’s grand arc.

While the first chapter is a rather slow burn, fans of the series will no doubt appreciate the many choices and explorative freedom offered by the third installment. Taking place in Haven Springs, Colorado, there is a bountiful amount of beautiful sceneries to explore.From all the luscious trees, to the wonderful rooftop views over a lake, Haven Springs feels like the perfect location to tell the tale of True Colors, as it is packed with variety, making it a fun explorative location.

With this being a Life Is Strange title, of course you will have a ton of choices that will reflect the ending of the story. This time around however, instead of waiting for each chapter/episode to release, you get all the content (minus the upcoming DLC) all in one go, which is a nice change to have.

One minor complaint I have is that the game has the option to mute licensed music which in theory is great, but there is a particular cutscene where Alex and her brother Gabe are jamming it out and there is no music playing at all. It just made the whole scene feel weird and awkward. I am not 100 percent faulting Square Enix or Deck Nine for this (copyright is fun to deal with /s) but I feel at least some other type of music would have been great to have.

With that being said, Life Is Strange: True Colors is shaping up to be a great Life Is Strange title and you can get your hands on it September 10, 2021 for the PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X.

Stay tuned to our full review hitting the site next week.

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