Each Location in Destiny About “the Size of Halo: Reach,” Over 500 People Working on the Title

Bungie software engineer Christian Diefenbach sheds some light on how big of a world Destiny will offer.

In an interview with Brazilian website Jogos via OXM, Diefenbach explains that each location the game is set in is “more or less the size of Halo: Reach”.

Diefenbach also points out that Destiny offers two perspectives. You will have a first person point of view during fights, but a third person perspective while exploring and meeting with other players to go on missions.

Lastly, Bungie’s engineer explains that Destiny has over 500 people are contributing to Destiny, whereas only 130 worked on the original Halo.

Bungie will release a beta with special rewards for Destiny this summer. You can newly released screens of the title through here.

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