MADiSON Update 1.20 Crawls Out for More Fixes This July 17

BLOODIOUS GAMES has pushed out the MADiSON update 1.20 patch, which is for more fixes the game needs right now. This seems to be a staggered release on the platforms the game is available on, and includes crashing fixes, achievements/trophies fixes and more. Read on for the MADiSON July 17 patch notes.

MADiSON Update 1.20 Patch Notes | MADiSON July 17 Patch Notes:

Here’s the latest official annoucement from the game’s publisher:

Thank you for all your comments and feedback.

Below is an update:

XBSX/S – our patch to fix the Achievements issue went LIVE late last week after extensive internal testing and also it needed to go through an approval process with Microsoft. So far, we have not had any issues relating to the Achievements crashes since the patch. We are still supporting the XBSX/S and are working on future patches to improve the experience.

PS4 – We have patched the game to solve some of the performance and frame rate issues. However, we still have a Memory Leak issue that affects the game at certain save points. We also have some low texture issues making some puzzles difficult to complete. We have been testing the patch to fix this since Friday night and this morning we approved this patch. It is currently in the PlayStation System, and we hope to update you very soon when it goes LIVE. Whilst this patch will not fix everything, it should remove the Save game and main texture issues. We will then have a solid base from which we can optimise the PS4 to improve your experience.

PS5 – The key issues we are focusing on is the End of Game Trophy Bug – which means whilst people finish the game, they don’t get the reward of the trophies they should have won for finishing. And we are also fixing a small amount of Save Game issues on the PS5, caused by the memory leak issue. As the PS5 is a far more powerful machine than the PS4, these issues are not so widespread on the PS5, but they do happen, and we are committed to fixing them. We thought we had the fix ready to go to PlayStation on Friday, but our testing caught some issues which meant that the end game trophy was not solved  in every play through. We are currently fixing this and hope to have the patch ready for testing very soon.

We are really sorry for all the issues and whilst we appreciate this will be very frustrating for you and little comfort, we are working tirelessly night and day to solving these issues. We have been humbled by the feedback and detail that people are providing us. If you would like to help, please remember the quickest way for our developers to get your feedback is through the support email [email protected].

Once there’s more news regarding the patch, we’ll update the post accordingly.

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