Marvel’s Avengers Will Not Be Open World, Can Be Played Solo; Offline Play Still Not Confirmed

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At Square Enix’s E3 2019 press conference, Marvel fans around the world got their wish as the publisher gave us our first look at Marvel’s Avengers, though it birthed quite a number of questions than answers. Fortunately for us, it’s E3 week, and that means developers are sitting down to talk about their game. Crystal Dynamics Lead Producer Rose Hunt and Lead Designer Philippe Therien sat down recently for a public Q&A clearing up some of the most asked questions.

One of the big questions, seeing that its been known for some time now that Marvel’s Avengers would heavily focus on online co-operative play is that whether or not the game could be played offline solo. Unfortunately it wasn’t made completely clear if you could play it offline, though you can play most of the game in solo play.

So yea, you can play just about everything by yourself if you want to, but absolutely I would strongly encourage people to gather your friends and go play the game with your buddies. Like Avengers is awesome when you have an Avengers team, and it’s just so much more fun in multiplayer, but yeah most of this stuff you can play by yourself.

The answer definitely dodges whether or not there’s offline play as it focuses more on the fact that you can play the content by yourself, which plenty of online only titles do such as Destiny and The Division. It should come to no surprise however, given that while the game may be focused on delivering a strong story, it does also focus largely on the multiplayer co-op aspect and the ever evolving world associated with it. Though its never flat out stated, so take his reply as you will.

And speaking of the world one thing that many are wondering is whether or not the game would be open world and this has been confirmed not to be the case, at least to some degree. It’ll opt for a Hub style system, where the main area, which they call the base of operation will operate as a central access point for all the other locations. It’ll still have very large areas for players to explore in, but it’ll function off a hub selection rather than one seamless connected map.

“There’s a really huge world to explore, from that base of operation you can go to many different places. We’re really excited to show you guys all the cool places you can go to. It was just way too big to contain in just one place, so its multiple different areas that’ll take the Avengers all over the place.”

The Game was  way too big to contain in one big open world, so we really sub-divided it into different regions you could go to and that gave us the opportunity to just make a lot more different environments you could play in . We went with variety instead of just going with one big city or area, and  honestly I think we are coming out a lot better for it.”

This does make sense as the Avengers tend to travel around the globe wherever they’re needed and this will offer a far richer game in terms of setting versus having it take place for almost the entirety of the game in a city or one area.

Regarding offline play, given how this seems to be an ever-evolving game that heavily emphasizes team play, we suspect offline play won’t be an option — at least for now.