Marvel’s Avengers Thor Info and Abilities Detailed, Has the Strongest Ranged Attack in the Game

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Each week, Crystal Dynamics puts the spotlight on one Avenger in Marvel’s Avengers, and this week, it’s Thor’s turn! Check out the gameplay video below, as well as the Avengers game Thor info straight from the devs!

Loads of details regarding Thor’s abilities and how he has the strongest ranged attack in the game has been divulged as well. Not only that, but there’s even a brief Q&A with Travis Willingham, who plays Thor in the game.

Thor exudes the force & chaos of lightning in combat, easily dispatching hordes of enemies. “When it comes to pure destructive power, nobody on the battlefield is more equipped than The God of Thunder,” says Vince Napoli, Lead Combat Designer at @CrystalDynamics\

Wielding Mjolnir, Thor is able to seamlessly transition between ground and air combat at will, launching enemies into the sky and effortlessly chaining together attacks.

“Mjolnir also grants Thor the most powerful ranged attack in the game, as it’s able to pin down almost any foe, locking them in place for crowd manipulation or further combos.”

Thor is also able to access the Odinforce at will. “Odinforce allows Thor to stop attacking enemies in their tracks, channel destructive lightning into any of his attacks, and creative a powerful barrier of lightning that shields him from danger.

Careful and measured use of the Odinforce is crucial for difficult fights, but knowing when to push the pedal to the floor can be just as important!”
As formidable as Thor is with Mjolnir, it is ultimately the combined use of his hammer and lightning that make Thor godly in any combat setting.
For the rest of the character spotlight on the other Avengers, head on over here. Will we get more character reveals past the initial founding members? I sure hope so.