Marvel’s Avengers Update 1.21 December 17 Released Today

New Marvel's Avengers Update 1.34

While we just got a rather hefty update to Marvel’s Avengers yesteryday, Crystal Dynamics has released yet another one today and it’s live now! The Marvel’s Avengers update 1.21 December 17 patch has been released today, and seems to be for all platforms.

Marvel’s Avengers Update 1.21 December 17 Patch Notes:

Same as with yesterday’s patch, Crystal Dynamics hasn’t updated the game’s official website with the official notes just yet. However, the Steam page does offer an update! Here’s what’s in the Marvel’s Avengers v1.4.1.8 patch dated for December 17:

17-12-2020 – Updated to build V1.4.0.8 with the following changes:

  • Stability improvements.

That seems to be it. However, from yesterday’s notes there are known issues addressed and workarounds for it which we’ve listed below.

Known Issues & Workarounds:

New Normal Mission – Upon reaching a point where Ms. Marvel must jump across rooftops, the camera glitches out and points upwards.

  • Workaround: Please reload checkpoint and refrain from using Ledge Grapple or Grapple Swing until prompted to do so.

We’ll keep an eye out on the community and on the official site to see if there are specific gameplay issues addressed, and will update the post once we find any. That said, don’t be surprised if this goes unacknowledged given it’s just a stability patch.

If you spot any gameplay-related changes, let us know what you find down in the comments below.

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