Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Introduces Cosmo the Dog in Brand New Trailer

Guardians of the Galaxy

Star-Lord and his friends will be meeting some very interesting creatures in their upcoming adventure, as Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy introduce Cosmo the Dog in a brand new trailer that shows why he’s a good boy!

Here’s the trailer released by Square Enix that’s sure to get a lot of GotG fans feeling funny inside!

A dog from the 1960’s Soviet space program that disappeared into space and eventually ended up in Knowhere, Cosmo gained psionic powers as a result of that space run thanks to cosmic rays. After settling in Knowhere, he ended up becoming the chief of security of that former Celestial head turned city.

Here’s a bit of background about Cosmo in the upcoming game courtesy of Square Enix.

A very, very good boy with a lot in his doggie dish, Cosmo is a former Soviet space dog currently serving as both Knowhere’s Chief of Security and father to a litter of Russian space puppies. Utilizing a combination of psionic and telepathic abilities that allow him to communicate with humans, raccoons and trees, Cosmo will prove an invaluable ally to the Guardians throughout their travels to the deepest, darkest corners of space.

If you plan to play GOTG on a PC, check out the PC tech trailer and new features that version of the game will bring right here.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy will be released for PC and consoles on October 26.

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