Marvel’s Midnight Suns Update 1.009 Adds Morbius DLC This March 21 (Update)

Marvel's Midnight Suns Update 1.009

Firaxis has released Marvel’s Midnight Suns update 1.009, and this is for the Morbius DLC pack! This premium (read: paid) DLC titled “The Hunger” introduces a new character, new story missions and more! Read on for everything new in the Midnight Suns March 21 patch notes.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Update 1.009 Patch Notes | Marvel’s Midnight Suns March 21 Patch Notes:

Update: 2K has confirmed that this patch fixed the trophies/achievements issue but with a little caveat:

Via the Marvel’s Midnight Suns community, here are some of the confirmed fixes in today’s patch:

  • Orbs fixed –The essence orbs have been shifted to the right of the War Room console computer. You can finally pick them up. (via PureLionHeart)
  • Clean Sweep fixed (via wolan1337)

Here’s what’s included in The Hunger DLC:

  • New Recruitable Hero: Morbius, a living vampire wielding 11 unique Hero Abilities
  • New Story Missions: Fight a host of fresh enemy types across challenging new encounters
  • New Abbey Upgrade: Laboratory
  • 3 Additional Hero Skins, 7 Abbey Outfits, and 2 Swimsuits for Morbius

More info straight from the press release:

Morbius is recruited by completing his first story mission “Weird Science,” which becomes playable after completing the “Spidermaaaans” mission and Spider-Man unmasks in the Abbey during Act One.
In combat, Morbius is all about applying Bleed to enemies, and then capitalizing on that effect for increased damage. Similar to Captain Marvel, he can enter a “Bloodlust” state after using a few of his abilities, granting him Block and causing all of his damaging abilities to apply Bleed. While Blade is the master of distributing Bleed through Chain abilities, Morbius focuses more on increased single-target damage – try pairing the both of them and see how they really feed off each other! His “A Greater Hunger” Passive from building Friendship lowers the required amount of cards needed to activate Bloodlust.
Morbius’ unique Abbey Research project Laboratory allows the purchase of permanent modifications to a hero’s secondary stats, though these will always have a trade-off. Upgrading Laboratory increases the amount of stat options and their rarity.

No mention yet of if there are gameplay-related changes included, but once we know more, we’ll update the article to reflect it.

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