Marvel’s Wolverine Teaser Revealed, Being Developed by Insomniac

Marvel's Wolverine

If you liked Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man games, then rejoice! During Sony’s PlayStation Showcase, Marvel’s Wolverine was announced with a brief teaser!

It says that what was shown was not actual gameplay footage, nor do we know what its official title is, or when it will be released. All we know is, it’s for PS5, and it’s being made by the geniuses over at Insomniac, and that’s enough to get us excited.

Update: Sony has released our first details on Marvel’s Wolverine!

Here’s the first info though there’s not a lot of gameplay stuff to chew on.

Now let’s talk about the announcement you probably weren’t expecting: Marvel’s Wolverine. Back when we were working on Marvel’s Spider-Man, there would be times where all of us—Insomniac, Sony Interactive Entertainment, and Marvel—would brainstorm together about the future beyond the web-slinger. And even in those early discussions, Wolverine continually came up as the character we’d be really stoked to work on together. Fast-forward a couple years and we’re suddenly standing in front of Sony Interactive Entertainment and Marvel formally pitching a PlayStation 5 game starring the adamantium-clawed Mutant! (Since you just saw the announce teaser, we can confirm that the pitch seemed to go pretty well.)

So many of the Insomniac team are such huge fans of the character, and one of the key elements that drew us to him is surprisingly not that different from Spider-Man: Both heroes feel deeply compelled to defend people who are less able to do so.

Marvel’s Wolverine is a standalone game being directed by Brian Horton (creative director) and Cameron Christian (game director), who recently led the creative efforts on Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, a game we’re extremely proud of at Insomniac. In the vein of our Spider-Man games, our goal here is to not only respect the DNA of what makes the character so popular, but also look for opportunities to make it feel fresh and truly reflect the Insomniac spirit. Even though Marvel’s Wolverine is very early in development, from what I’ve seen of its emotional narrative and cutting-edge gameplay (see what I did there?), the team is already creating something truly special.

Once we know more info, we’ll be sure to let our readers know.

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