Metal Slug Tactics Getting 2022 Release Date, Nintendo Switch Version Announced

Metal Slug Tactics

The Metal Slug series is coming back in a whole new way next year, as Dotemu and Leikir Studio confirm that Metal Slug Tactics is getting a 2022 release date — and a Nintendo Switch version has been announced as well!

Along with the announcement, here’s a brand new gameplay trailer showing the game in action!

If you’re used to seeing these guys do run n’ gun and are wondering what turned Marco, Eri, Fio, and Tarma in a different direction — here’s the overview of this unique entry to the series via press release!

Metal Slug Tactics is both a respectful homage to an all-time classic and an imaginative new way to celebrate the renowned series, channeling its timeless aesthetic through gorgeous pixel art and fluid animation. The game’s highly replayable battlefields pair shuffled layouts from hand-crafted terrain tiles with subtle roguelite elements, challenging fighters to adapt and overcome unpredictable clashes as they master dynamic, strategic combat. Players wield classic METAL SLUG weaponry, leveraging skill trees, perks, and a super attack-fueling adrenaline system to outwit and demolish flanks of the series’ signature villains.

We covered Metal Slug Tactics since it was announced a couple of months ago here, and hearing that it’s getting a Switch release is definitely great news!

Metal Slug Tactics will be released on PC and Switch in 2022!

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