Microsoft Giving Complimentary Game To Those Affected By Faulty Xbox One Disc Drive

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Good news for those who have purchased an Xbox One this past weekend only to find a defective unit in their hands with a disc drive malfunction. The issue reported by a small number of customers is being looked into and is being resolved.

Microsoft is reportedly offering those affected by a defective Xbox One with a complimentary game, according to an Xbox customer care email forwarded to Polygon. “While a replacement console is on its way, we want to ensure our advance exchange customers can stay in the game,” read a recent statement from Microsoft. “We will provide each of them with a free digital download of one of the launch titles published by Microsoft Studios.”

Those eligible will be able to pick digital copy of the following titles: Dead Rising 3, Forza Motorsport 5, Ryse: Son of Rome or Zoo Tycoon. Since these titles are all digital copies, owners of a faulty Xbox One will still be able to play them despite having a faulty disc drive.

Did you end up with a broken Xbox One? Which title will you be picking as your free game?