Microsoft Intellimouse Being Resurrected With a Refreshed Design

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Microsoft’s Intellimouse is as classic as the ’90s Lamborghini Diablo, with a sleek design, a scroll wheel(yes, this wasn’t a default feature back then) and two side buttons for that extra “oomph” in your workflow.

Now, Microsoft is bringing back the mouse in a sleek and updated design after discontinuing the 3.0 five years ago. The refreshed design features five buttons, three of which are customizable, a scroll wheel, and an ergonomic design similar to the original. For comparison for those power user, it looks to be as ergonomic as Logitech’s MX Master series.

The mouse doesn’t have a launch date, but for those looking for a price, it starts out at a cool $40 USD. You can eyeball the store page here if you’d like to keep a look out for when it drops.

Source: PC Gamer