MKX – Leaked Images Of Krimson Ermac Skin, Apocalypse & Medieval Packs, & New Mobile Unlocks

This past Thursday was a pretty eventful day for Mortal Kombat X fans as NetherRealm Studios showcased its second of four Kombat Pack 2 characters, Leather Face, in a Kombat Kast dedicated to the horror icon.

However, Leather Face wasn’t the only thing that we got a look at. During the early hours of the morning, a YouTuber uploaded a video, which was taken down almost immediately, that showcased some the new skins we saw a very brief glimpse of during the Mortal Kombat XL announcement video.

Thankfully for us, a Reddit user managed to save the images before they were taken down, which you can view below. It showcases the new Krimson Ermac skin along with the Apocalypse and Medieval skin packs, among other things.

You can also check out the rest of the album to view all of the images.

Kombat Pack 2 and Mortal Kombat XL is set to release on March 1 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms.

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