Modern Warfare 1.20 Stealth Changes Listed, Includes LMG Buffs & More

modern warfare 1.20 stealth changes

Just the other day, Infinity Ward released Call of Duty: Modern Warfare patch 1.20, and while we got a big heaping of changes in the patch notes, as is the norm with the studio, there are changes that were not documented. Below are the Modern Warfare 1.20 stealth changes uncovered.

Thanks to YouTuber Xclusive Ace for the list of changes, and we recommend giving his videos a watch since they’re always insightful.

Modern Warfare 1.20 stealth changes:

Added (via Danny Perez):

The ability to finally ping an ammo station and it gets announced and icon appears highlighted
-Enemy dropping in AO audio plays when someone is parachuting in now
-Killcam shows how you were downed now, not how you were finished off.
-Quality of life change, leaving a game prompts leave without party to remind you whos party host.


Note that some multiplayer stealth changes apply to Warzone

VLK shotgun:

  • Dragon’s Breath rounds added to VLK shotgun

Dragunov rifle:

  • Reworked audio
  • Buffed Dragunov extended multipler to lower torso to limbs. Limb and lower torsto damage buffed to 70-50 from 63-45 and new minimum is 50 damage.
  • Slightly buff bullet drop

Lightmachine guns (LMG) buff:

Open bolt delayed reduced (firing once you press trigger)

  • SA87 – 180ms delay to 0ms
  • MG34 – from 317ms to 67ms


  • Guns can now be dropped
  • Deplyable cover, trophy system, shield turret good buff in duration (10 minutes)
  • Shield turret and enemy recon drones won’t show on mini map
  • Warzone killfeed changed (won’t show people that left matches)
  • Crates humming doesn’t guarantee cash anymore

We’re on the look out for more Modern Warfare stealth changes! If you spot any that’s not listed above, send us an email or leave a comment below and we’ll slot it in.

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