Modern Warfare 3 Might Receive Weapon DLC Drops

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Robert Bowling stated that gun DLC is “possible” for future Modern Warfare 3 DLC packs.

During a Machinima live stream, when asked by a fan on whether weapon DLC, gun drops, could be coming to Modern Warfare 3. Robert Bowling teased by saying, “it’s possible. We have the opportunity. We have the technology. We can do it.” However, he added that he “can’t confirm if we will or not, but we are completely open to everything.” He then jokingly added that “it could be potato gun/launcher”.

Recently, Bowling also hinted at weapon camo packs a few days ago, he stated that it “would be cool, but we haven’t confirmed any weapon camo packs.”

What gun would you like to see added to Modern Warfare 3? Ak-74u would be my choice.