Modern Warfare January 22 Patch Includes Additional Hefty Download Outside of Main Patch

modern warfare january 22 patch

If you’ve just turned on your consoles or PC to play some Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, you’l be greeted with today’s Modern Warfare January 22 patch! While this title update brings fixes and new stuff, it is a rather hefty download, as it requires 13GB on PS4, 18GB on Xbox One, and staggering 48GB on PC.

Now, if you found those download sizes a bit too much, sad to say that for console owners, you will need to clear more space. After downloading the intial big patch, PS4 players will be asked to download a 13GB Spec Ops pack, and for Xbox One owners, a 9GB Multiplayer pack. Note that you won’t be able to start multiplayer without downloading the additional updates (which we tested).

So, this means that for PS4 players, you will need to clear more than 25GB of disk space (13GB + 13GB), and for Xbox One, you’ll need to have more than 26GB of space (18GB + 9GB), which is kind of bonkers if you thin about it.

While someone on Reddit pointed out that you can download the 13GB Spec Ops pack and choose not to install it as to play multiplayer without eating up more disk space, you can’t choose not to download it even if you don’t Spec Ops. Believe me, I tried. If you don’t download the Spec Ops pack, the multiplayer portion of the game will not let you proceed outside of the main title screen.

Hopefully, PS4 and Xbox One owners have an extra external harddisk or two lying around, or the next Modern Warfare patch will mean that you might need to delete more than half your games to accommodate it.

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