Modern Warfare Upcoming Weapons for Season 4 Leaked via Datamined Info

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With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare already close to ending Season 3, we’re not looking ahead to Season 4, and thankfully, we don’t have to look far. Thanks to datamined info, a bunch of Modern Warfare upcoming weapons have been named and leaked.

Reddit user JeaneJWE managed to unearth a bunch of the Modern Warfare upcoming weapons which should be available in Season 4 and possibly beyond. Check out images and details straight from the source.

I’ve been organizing a bunch of files from the game lately, and while working on the weapon stats file I noticed that there are quite a few unreleased guns in there. Based on a number of factors, I think there’s decent odds some of these being the weapons for Season 4.


We’ve all known about it for a while now, so this guy isn’t really news. The APC9 is a very recent 9mm SMG that has a pretty high rate of fire. For some reason it’s been in the game files since launch, with 4 mysterious blueprints, a full variety of attachments, and it’s apparently even so functional people have gotten it in modes with random weapons.

Despite all this I remain pretty confident that we’re not going to see it for a while if ever, because if it was finished at launch and didn’t come then, why would it come now? It was probably cut for being kind of uninteresting, with its only real notable detail being the rate of fire, but that’s pretty easily outclassed by the


The Vector has seen a few rumors in the past for the game, but as far as I could ever tell there was never anything substantial to them; usually it was just people mistaking the APC-9 for a Vector somehow. I don’t think I need to tell you much about it because it’s probably one of the most requested weapons for the game: It’s an extremely high rate of fire small caliber SMG, something we still don’t quite have.

Now, it has appeared in the weapon stat sheet as iw8_sm_victor. Infinity Ward’s naming scheme for weapons, if you don’t know, is to name the weapons based on their real world name with the NATO phonetic alphabet. The M4A1 for example is mike4, the Striker based on the SMG 45 and is called smgolf45, and the PP-19 Bizon is simple beta. Off the top of my head I can’t really think of any other SMGs whose names are just one word starting with a V but the Vector, so I’m pretty confident in this call.

I don’t have a way to see the weapon’s true stats currently but I can see the (mostly useless) numbers for the in-game stat graph on this same sheet. Fittingly, the Vector has the second highest fire rate stat in the game (behind the minigun) and poor range and control, though surprisingly it also apparently has good damage and very high accuracy.

There are some models but with no way to get them in memory, I can’t see them at all, and the handful of textures have really messed up UVs for some reason. This is supposed to be the receiver, and if you really squint you can just barely make out details that could be a Vector’s.

Fortunately, there are some finished sounds already. While there are no handling sounds yet (it seems to use the Uzi’s as placeholders), we do have firing sounds that I’ve been able to mix together. Here’s one shot, and here’s six shots using all the sound varieties.

HK G28

The G28 is a DMR variation of the HK 417, with a big emphasis on modularity, as that absolute mess of an official promotional image demonstrates. The G28 is a DMR chambered for 7.62x51mm NATO like the M14 (EBR-14).

According to its stat graph the G28 apparently has accuracy on par with the sniper rifles, above the rest of the DMR class, but average range and damage. What the hell does that mean? Ask IW, I guess.

For now this is all there is to go off for the G28, as there appear to be absolutely no assets available for it just yet.


The Galil is an Israeli AR and a close relative of the AK, and I believe it will be in the game in 7.62x39mm, the AK’s cartridge, as for some reason the only model that can load is a messed up AK magazine. I chose to picture a classic wood furniture Galil, but it’s entirely possible IW will blight us with an ACE or something; I just hope that there’s good options to swap the parts around one way or another because the Galil has a ton of visual and functional variety, from the shorter SAR to the Galatz sniper, and a lot of room for caliber conversions.

Statwise, the Galil currently seems to have pretty solid damage being only a point beneath the AK and good control, being average in every other field.

Like the Vector, here’s one shot, and here’s six shots. I should note that, yeah, that’s a really clanky sounding thing, and that might not necessarily be representative of the final sound in-game since I don’t really have a way of knowing how each of sound elements are leveled. That said, it’s a nice clank, and I won’t complain if that’s what we get.


Now here’s a surprise. The XM109 is an anti-materiel rifle from Barret, and at a glance you’re probably thinking “oh finally, a high power semi-auto sniper rifle”. Look at those cartridges again. Those aren’t bullets, those are 25x59mm grenades, a longer version of the payload of the XM25 grenade launcher that may be familiar with from the original MW3. Only a few weeks ago I was wishing for a sniper rifle that was a launcher in disguise, a long range “launcher” with enormous vehicle damage, and here it is! Maybe.

Out of all of these, the XM109 seems the most unfinished, with no visual assets and not even having default attachments defined in its attachment map (something the rest of these do have), instead using AX-50 models as placeholders. The only thing other than the name we’ve got so far is the sound, and what a sound it is. The stats are just copy-pasted from the HDR, and that’s hopefully not accurate (imagine an HDR firing a 25mm grenade at you from across the map), so we can only guess how it will behave. My guess, completely from my ass, is that it might not be a loadout weapon at all and might be an extremely rare weapon in Warzone, like the MGL. Of course that’s assuming it ever comes at all, because it does stick out like a sore thumb for how little of it is finished right now.

Note that the SMG gameplay footage we ran earlier this week seems to be te APC9, and given how it’s been finished and in the game files all this time, chances are we won’t be seeing this gun anytime soon.

Are you excited for the Modern Warfare upcoming weapons? We should be getting at least two of these in Season 4 that should be dropping in June.